News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 3, 2008

Braves boys, Patriots girls take bowling sectional team titles

By Dennis Clark

TERRE HAUTE — Terre Haute South (boys) and Terre Haute North (girls) were winners of the Indiana High School Bowling Sectional Team Event at Paradise Bowl in Clinton on Monday.

In the boys tournament, South slipped past rival North 2,963-2,915. South Vermillion (2,796) and North central (2,274) rounded out the tournament field.

In the girls tournament, North had a score of 2,624, easily outpointing South (2,336) and South Vermillion (2,292).

But while big schools North and South dominated the team sectional, South Vermillion, a “littler” school, produced both individual sectional winners. The individual sectional was contested at Sullivan Bowling Lanes on Wednesday.

In the boys competition, Daniel Boyll (North Central) was the top seed with a three-game series of 676, trailed by Adam Smith (South Vermillion) 652, Tyler Haase (South Vermillion) 649, Scott Johansen (South Vermillion) 643 and A.J. Reed (Terre Haute South) 627.

In the stepladder finals, Haase defeated Johansen 233-193, then eliminated Smith 237-180. In the championship match, Haase topped Boyll 236-173.

In the girls competition, Chelsea Maloney (South Vermillion) was the top seed and eventual champion, rolling a 554 series. Following Maloney was Sara Shepherd (Terre Haute North) 511, Melissa Thompson (Terre Haute North) 490 and Kristen Zellars (Terre Haute North) 463.

In the stepladder finals, Zellars topped Thompson 190-131, then Shepherd edged Zellars 145-140. In the title match, Maloney defeated Shepherd 199-160.

The North boys’ team, South girls’ team plus the top individuals (the aforementioned five boys, four girls) will compete in the regional at Franklin Lanes in Evansville on Saturday.

n High school regular season — The North girls completed an unbeaten 7-0 season in the Blue Chip Conference. Individually, the high point winner (11 points) and high average bowler (201) was Sara Shepherd.

The North boys won the Blue Chip Conference with a record of 5.5-1.5. High point co-winners were Jacob Wright (THS) and Adam Smith (SV) with nine points apiece. High average bowler was Wright with a 215 average.

• • •

• Former VU standout on PBA Tour, on TV — Former Vincennes University bowler Ronnie Russell, who bowled with the Trailblazers in 2002 and 2003, is enjoying life on the Professional Bowler’s Association tour.

The 28-year-old right hander is currently 44th in the PBA point standings.

“It’s one of the best times of my life for the last four years, but especially this year,” Russell said.

Russell, an All-American while at VU, started to focus in on the possibility of a pro career during his second year at UV, which bowls against mostly four-year schools.

“That’s one of the hard parts,” Russell said. “At Vincennes, you bowl against guys who have two or three years of experience before we even get there.”

Russell and his partner, Joe Ciccone, finished second in last week’s PBA Exempt Doubles Classic at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas, Nev., losing by two pins to Michael Fagan and Danny Wiseman. The event was tape-delayed and can be viewed at 2 p.m. EST today on ESPN.

“Second place isn’t winning, but it’s pretty good. I’m looking good to be exempt next year.”

If you don’t want to know the results of this tournament before seeing it on television today, skip to the credits at the end of the column.

Okay? Here goes.

Fagan-Wiseman watched as Ciccone missed a spare in the 10th frame that would have tied the match, giving Fagan his first title and Wiseman his 12th with a 210-208 win over Ciccone-Russell.

Ciccone, who was looking for his first career Denny’s PBA Tour title as was Russell, struck with his first ball in the 10th, but then left the 2- and 5-pins, meaning a spare would take the teams to a one-ball roll-off.

But the crowd was stunned, as Ciccone missed to the left and missed both pins, giving Fagan and Wiseman the title.

In the semifinal, Ciccone-Russell defeated Bill O’Neill-Mike Scroggins 233-223. Ciccone-Russell held a comfortable lead until Russell left the 4-9 in the ninth to let Scroggins-O’Neill back in. With a chance to double for the win, Scroggins gave it right back when he left the 3-6-7 and opened. Ciccone got up in the 10th and struck with his first two shots to give his team the 233-223 win.

In the first match, Ciccone-Russell defeated Chris Barnes-Wes Malott 235-193. Russell, making his first career TV appearance, had crucial strikes in the eighth and 10th frames.

Fagan-Wiseman split $40,000 for the win and each earned an exemption for the 2008-09 season, while Ciccone-Russell split $18,000 for second place.

Russell will compete in events in El Paso, Tex., and Omaha, Neb., in the next two weeks before the Denny’s World Championships in Indianapolis — his current hometown — Feb. 18-24.

Dennis Clark can be reached by e-mail at; by mail at P.O. Box 149, Terre Haute, IN 47808; or by fax at (812) 231-4321.

Vigo County

Bowling Leagues

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Terre Haute Restaurant — High games: Randy Paugh 182, BW3 653. High series: Paugh 527, BW3 1,917.

ANG Mixed — High games: John McWilliams 248, Marsha Marcum 214, Big Dogs 822. High series: George Meiners 689, Patty McWilliams 509, Big Dogs 2,263.

THBC Prime Timers — High games: Dean Kays 266, Sandy Gosnell 192. High series: Herb Gosnell 688, Velma Troye 536.

Chandler Construction — High games: B.L. Chandler 224, Letty Chandler 215, Lucky Strikes 729. High series: B.L. Chandler 579, L. Chandler 561, Lucky Strikes 2,113.

Affordable Awards Mixed — High games: Jim Sullivan 290, Crystal Sullivan 267, Tony’s Cafe 958. High series: Austin Marsh 712, Brittany Foster 675, Tony’s Cafe 2,660.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: Tony Morris 201, Janet Swalls 198, Salt of the Earth 660. High series: Morris 563, Swalls 6511, Salt of the Earth 1,864.

THBC Bantams — High games: Josh Combs 119, Madison Rice 90. High series: Combs 329, Rice 206.

THBC Majors — High games: Ian Huffington 252, Brittany Wence 174. High series: Huffington 613, Wence 515.

THBC Minors — High games: Cole Walker 162, Kellee Edington 103. High series: Walker 440, Edington 298.

Affordable Awards Ladies — High games: Lynn Bolinger 236, Honey Creek Honies 961. High series: Bolinger 663, School Bells 2,665.

Wednesday Prime Timers — High games: Jay Scamihorn 239, Mary Klapko 193. High series: Scamihorn 697, Klapko 499.

Guarantee Roofing — High games: John Phillips 276, Bowler’s Pro Shop and THBC 1,135. High series: Harold Costello 762, Bowler’s Pro Shop 3,367.

THBC Seniors — High games: Ian Huffington 232, Mackenzie Pepper 188. High series: Jacob Wright 605, Pepper 528.

THBC Juniors — High games: Jacob Vencel 244, Taylor Derickson 178. High series: Vencel 646, Madison Peabody 456.

THBC Preps — High games: Cory Keller 155, Kelly Combs 192. High series: Michael Rogers Jr. 390, Combs 503.

Vigo Bowl

Affordable Awards — High games: Nancy Effner 222, Sam’s Avon 892. High series: Effner 602, Sam’s Avon 2,489.

Thursday Senior Mixed — High games: Larry Jennings 252, Barb Hills 194, Cobras 763. High series: B.L. Chandler 616, Hills 485, Two Plus Two 2,202.

Bell Welding — High games: Sherm Wilkins 239, Good Ole Boys 1,035. High series: Wilkins 660, Grainger 2,918.

Distributor’s Terminal — High games: Sandy Kelly 236, M&M;’s 667. High series: Kelly 608, M&M;’s 1,893.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Jason Hiddle 279, Crystal Sullivan 212, Four Skinz 846. High series: Hiddle 740, Sullivan 600, Four Skinz 2,334.

Springhill Wholesale — High games: Wee Patrick 205, Bell’s Bowlers 1,503. High series: Patrick 558, Bell’s Bowlers 1,503.

Mic’s Pics — High games: Virginia Anderson 211, Barnes Construction 536. High series: Christina Bowles 532, Bowling Belles 1,476.

Church — High games: John Smith 267, Lauren Crist 138, Foursquare 803. High series: Ken Smith 679, Crist 410, Foursquare 2,323.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Nicholas Fields 264, Kristin Zellars 209, The Dirty Dogs 949. High series: Fields 715, Zellars 544, The Dirty Dogs 2,737.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: Joseph Gray 233, Brooke Howard 210, Otter Creek Pride 866. High series: Gray 569, Howard 506, Otter Creek Pride 2,415.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: Levi Elrod 173, Darian Perry 146, Silver Dragons 615. High series: Bradley Travioli 436, Perry 400, Silver Dragons 1,758.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Jevan McCoskey 109, Victoria McMillen 80, Hot Shots 285. High series: McCoskey 201, McMillen 151, Hot Shots 536.

The Bush — High games: Rick Hayes 299, Dave Harvey 1,142. High series: Brad Burris 778, Davison Service and Equipment 3,220.

Davison Service and Equipment — High games: Bill Furry 300, Flight 1 1,136. High series: Furry 822, Flight 1 3,280.

Bush Seniors Mixed — High games: Gene Carpenter 267, Floie Lawrence 242, Jane’s Gang 804. High series: Dave Paulin 723, Sandy Kelly 615, Jane’s Gang 2,337.

Imperial Lanes

Archie’s Sports Bar — High games: Bill Alumbaugh III 287, The CROCK 1,174. High series: Chad Klopfenstein 751, The CROCK 3,412.

WIMS Lounge — High games: Mike Blackburn 275, Vicki Rich 267, Stuckys 1,003. High series: Blackburn 774, Rich 729, Stuckys 2,632.

Tuesday Ladies — High games: Phyllis Grover 197, We Try Harder 476. High series: Grover 515, We Try Harder 1,329.

Pizza Works Mixed — High games: Tod Harris 269, Jenny Tackett 194, Lankster Roofing 997. High series: Harris 750, Tackett 525, Imperial Lanes 2,867.

Sunday Mixed — High games: Larry Dull 268, Lissa Dressler 256, In Cognito 870. High series: Phil Cooper 710, Dressler 685, Imperial Lanes Pro Shop 2,392.

Smith Trucking — High games: Crystal Sullivan 289, Team 1 1,164. High series: Jason Hiddle 748, Team 1 3,403.

Junior — High games: Scott Higginbotham 246, Tiffany Fields 146, XC Warriors 596. High series: Higginbotham 638, Fields 383, XC Warriors 1,701.