News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 5, 2012

Colts fans happy with what they see

By Dani Palmer
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — It’s week two of Colts training camp and fans are happy with what they’re seeing so far. A large crowd stood on the sidelines under the hot sun late afternoon to catch a glimpse.

Jeremy Emmitt, of Columbus, came out with his 4-year-old son, Jayce, and has been coming to camp for the last few years,

While it was his first time this year, he said he thought the team was doing pretty well, especially considering the fact there are so many new guys.

“There’ll be some growing pains,” he said, “but very few just come in and win.”

There are a few different players he’s looking forward to seeing out on the field during the upcoming season, but he thinks wide receiver Donnie Avery is really going to surprise people.

He said Avery is “really fast and knowledgeable” and the guy to watch. He may be one of the fastest in the league, Emmitt added.

Emmitt said he also has high hopes for quarterback Andrew Luck. Last year’s unsuccessful season of the Indianapolis Colts had a lot to do with the quarterback struggle, he said.

He believes this season will be better, especially if offense puts in more points. Defense is putting a lot less pressure on the guys up front, he said, and the coaches seem to be looking to put the best guys on the field.

No matter how the season goes, though, Emmitt added they’ll be using their season tickets.

“No wavering on our part,” he said. “We’ll be there.”

Parker Kelly, 10, and his friend Klayton Kitts, 10, came with Parker’s parents, Doug and Marsha Kelly of Van Buren, who brought them for a day of fun. Both boys are big fans of wide receiver Reggie Wayne and outside linebacker Robert Mathis. Luck is also doing pretty good, they said, and may be as good as Peyton Manning — who they were also big fans of.

“He’s probably gonna do good,” Kitts said of Manning. “They have good defense and offense (in Denver).”

Jack Wright, of Indianapolis, came out with his daughters and said Luck is impressive.

“Luck will be better than his (Manning’s) first year, I think,” he said.

Wright’s also looking forward to seeing tight end Coby Fleener, and said he’ll likely see the most receptions since he played with Luck at Stanford.

Wright has been a Colts fan since their Baltimore days and even had Baltimore Colts pajamas as a kid.

He said he’s counting down the days until the season starts.

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