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June 1, 2013

Hughes, News & Views: Pacers, 500, NFL on mind of curious columnist

David Hughes
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — One previous time, I believe, my annual May questions column ran one day late into June.

Can you forgive me for this being the second time?

With apologies out of the way, below are questions that have been taking up valuable space in my head lately.

Some are serious, some not so much. Most are sports-related, but don’t blame me if a few are not. After all, newspaper sportswriters don’t eat, sleep and breathe sports 24/7 (contrary to what my Lisa might tell you).

Here we go:

• How funny will the reaction of the national media be when the Indiana Pacers knock off the unbeatable Miami Heat tonight and Monday to take the series and head to an NBA Finals showdown with the San Antonio Spurs? Hint: Several ESPN “experts” will need to change their underwear next week.

• With slot stud Wes Welker added to his stable of talented receivers, will 37-year-old Peyton Manning outdo his impressive 2012 debut season with the Denver Broncos when he passed for 37 touchdowns and 4,659 yards?

• Could there have been a more deserving first-time Indianapolis 500 winner than Tony Kanaan?

• Will Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne continue to demonstrate the amazing chemistry they developed in just one season together with the Indianapolis Colts?

• Why is bacon considered such a “cool” food? I never did like it.

• Will the high school baseball teams of Terre Haute North (Class 4A), West Vigo (Class 3A), Rockville (Class A) and Shakamak (Class A) keep their momentum going and advance through today’s regionals?

• Will the Terre Haute Rex stick around for a few more years?

• How smooth will the coaching transition be from Trent Miles to Mike Sanford when games actually start for the Indiana State football team in September?

• Which team will lose more games — the Miami Marlins or the Houston Astros?

• Will Mother Nature allow the Terre Haute Action Track to conduct any of its racing cards this season?

• How many top-three finishers will the Wabash Valley have in the IHSAA girls track state finals today? On a related note, how high will powerhouse Terre Haute North finish in the team standings?

• Speaking of the North girls track team, will junior pole-vaulter Rachel Gutish continue her rise to prominence in the nationally televised X Games sport of women’s endurocross?

• Speaking of pole-vaulters, does North and ISU alum Kylie Hutson have one more good run at a Summer Olympics berth left in her for 2016?

• Will the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera win the American League’s Triple Crown for a second straight season? He appears on his way.

• When Cabrera was threatening to pull off the feat in 2012, how many sportswriters could mention the last hitter to do it — Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 — without looking up the spelling of his name? I admit, I had to double-check it myself.

• And finally, will Anytime Fitness workers find me crushed to death beneath 600-plus pounds on the leg sled some morning as I keep working out like a madman at 1 a.m. and stubbornly refuse to let myself grow old? I’m joking about the “crushed to death” part, sort of, but that thought has crossed my mind.

By the way, don’t you love columns that end on a happy note?

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