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June 1, 2011

HUGHES NEWS & VIEWS: Somebody must know these answers

David Hughes
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Can you forgive me for being one day late?

A few readers recently inquired if I was still going to write my traditional questions column that has run in May every year but one since 1927 (or something like that).

If you look at a calendar, today is June 1.

Hey, I’ve been busy and time got away from me. It won’t happen again — unless I come up with a really good excuse.

Without further delay, here is my 2011 version:

• How big of a fit would LeBron James throw if the Miami Heat doesn’t capture the NBA championship this season? And can the Dallas Mavericks please make sure we see the answer?

• On a related note, how much crack has Scottie Pippen been smoking lately?

• Will the NFL owners become a little less greedy so the season-threatening lockout can end in the next month? Pretty soon I won’t care if they settle it or not and that’s sad, considering the Super Bowl is scheduled to be in Indianapolis on Feb. 5, 2012.

• Will the Terre Haute Rex baseball team continue to build on its first-season popularity from 2010? Thursday is the Rex home opener at Bob Warn Field.

• If I haven’t seen the original “Hangover” movie yet, do I need to watch it before I can understand the sequel?

• Did Dan Wheldon win Sunday’s running of the Indianapolis 500 OR did rookie J.R. Hildebrand lose it?

• On a related note, if Bill Buckner was watching the Indy 500 on television from home, did he get up and yell “Look at that guy!” when Hildebrand crashed while leading the final lap?

• Will Dale Earnhardt Jr. ever win another NASCAR Sprint Cup race?

• Will former Indiana State women’s pole-vaulter Kylie Hutson compete in the Summer Olympics someday?

• Will Rose-Hulman sophomore Liz Evans claim six NCAA Division III women’s high-jump titles before she graduates in 2013? She’s already earned one indoors and one outdoors.

• Why does the Hughes family’s senior-citizen cat Nugget behave like Otis Campbell from “The Andy Griffith Show”? To explain, we have a large carrier that locks from the outside for when our cats do something bad. But Nugget puts himself inside, closes the door behind him and goes to sleep even when he’s not being punished. Strange.

• Does anyone else enjoy the cameo appearances of former Indiana Pacers standout Detlef Schrempf on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”? And is there a funnier sitcom on TV than “Parks and Rec”?

• Will Cincinnati Reds slugger Jay Bruce continue to single-handedly keep my mediocre fantasy baseball team in contention for our league championship?

• Finally, is it possible that my former classmates and I have begun preparation for our 35-year Terre Haute South High School reunion (Class of 1977) next year? And am I really that old now?

Unfortunately, I know the answer to that last one — yes.

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