News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 24, 2013

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Here’s a summary of local highlights from 130 years ago Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The following is a summary of important events occurring in Vigo County during 1883, 130 years ago:

Jan. 2 – The dwelling occupied by the Jacob Doll family at 619 Swan St. was destroyed by fire; Fannie Janauschek appears in “Mary Stuart” at the opera house.

Jan. 4 – The residence-office of Dr. Stephen J. Young at 124 S. Fifth St. was partially destroyed by fire.

Jan. 5 – George H. Burgett, 514 N. First St., foreman at Willard Kidder’s flour mill, was caught between two railroad cars and crushed to death.

Jan. 8 – Grocer Wilson Naylor, 507 Poplar St., acquired the splendid Terre Haute Opera House at the northeast corner of Fourth and Wabash for $75,000.

Jan. 14 – Elijah M. Gilman’s Cooper Shop at the northeast corner of Fourth and Tippecanoe was destroyed by fire. Fireman Frank D. Gosnell sustained serious injuries.

Jan. 19 – Sparring match between saloonkeeper Mike Gainey and Frank Phillips held at the Atlantic Garden Theater. Gainey was declared the winner of a silver cup.

Jan. 28 – The German Evangelical Lutheran Church, 331 S. Fourth St., celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Feb. 1 – Heavy rains caused minor flooding over a large area.

Feb. 5 – Isaac Joiner and William Streeter were arrested for keeping a Keno Room; Jennie Eaglesfield died of suffocation.

Feb. 12 – George L. Harrison’s grocery at Seventh and Poplar streets was destroyed by fire.

Feb. 13 – “The Little Joker,” a pleasure boat, was carried down the river by a sudden rise.

Feb. 16 – The Women’s Reading Club celebrated its third anniversary.

Feb. 17 – Threat of flood as river passes 24 feet above the low water mark.

Feb. 18 – Professor Anton Shide resigned as Congregational Church organist.

Feb. 22 – Lily Langtry appeared in “An Unequal Match” at the opera house.

Feb. 23 – Decorative Arts Society met at the Minshall mansion, 658 Cherry St.

Feb. 26 – Helena Modjeska appeared at Terre Haute Opera House

March 3 – Terre Haute attorney Harvey David Scott was appointed judge of the Circuit Court by Gov. Albert Gallatin Porter.

March 7 – Rose Polytechnic Institute opened for the first time at 13th and Locust streets with 48 male students. Dr. Charles O. Thompson was the first president.

March 12 – The Terre Haute Baseball Association was organized with Edwin Ellis, manager of Wabash Woolen Mills, president, and jeweler Eli W. Leeds, vice president. Other directors included Alonzo C. Duddleston, George J. Hammerstein, Charles A. Robinson, John Stump, Charles B. Lee, Merrill N. Smith, August F. Eiser, Jeremiah O’Reilly and Michael W. Stack. The team’s nickname was “The Hottentots.”

March 20 – Contractor Thomas B. Snapp submits a $40,000 low bid to build the Rose Orphan Home.

March 21 – John D. Keffus, John Halbot, Harry Brown and Stanley Hartwell apply for permit to build roller skating rink for $900.

March 23 – Gen. Charles Cruft died.

April 1 – John Russell died of small pox in the Vigo County pest house.

April 4 – Attorney Horace Pugh and Mary McKeen were married.

April 5 – Skating rink was formally opened.

April 6 – Clay County attorney W.W. Carter succeeded Deloss W. Minshall as Collector of Internal Revenue.

April 17 – Antonia Hulman, wife of Herman Hulman, died at age 50.

April 22 – First baseball game of the season between Awkwards and the Blues.

April 23 – Thatcher, Primrose & West appeared at the opera house.

May 3 – Contents of the African Methodist Episcopalian Church were stolen.

May 7 – Gen. Cruft’s law library was sold at auction.

May 8 – Mayor James B. Lyne gave farewell address; Capt. William H. Armstrong, his successor, presented his salutatory. William Mack chosen city engineer.

May 13 – Old Humaston Pork House was destroyed by fire.

May 19 – Cornerstone of Rose Orphan Home laid.

June 15 – Twelfth annual commencement of Indiana State Normal School.

June 21 – Annual commencement of Terre Haute High School.

Aug. 19 – Merged Terre Haute Baseball Club defeated Indianapolis, 15-8.

Aug. 26 – Fireman Martin I. Laffey killed in Stewart’s Cooper Shop fire.

Sept. 12 – Opening day of the Vigo County Fair.

Sept. 14 – Herman Hulman returned to Terre Haute from a European visit.

June 4 – John S. Vancleve elected Vigo County Superintendent of Schools.

Sept. 17 – The Terre Haute Board of Park Commissioners approved landscape plans for Collett Park prepared by Benjamin Grove of Louisville.

Oct. 5 – Cincinnati architect Samuel Hannaford’s plans for a new Vigo County courthouse were approved.

Oct. 8 – Last game of the season for the Terre Haute professional baseball club.

Oct. 31 – Boxer John L. Sullivan appeared at the opera house.

Nov. 20 — Contracts for a new Vigo County Courthouse were let.

Dec. 2 – Local railroad baron William B. Tuell died.

Dec. 8 – Jasper Nelson, suspect in the Susan Nelson murder case, was released.

Dec. 10 – Helena Modjeska appeared again at the opera house.

Dec. 13 – Perry Manis indicted by grand jury for murder of Mrs. Susan Nelson.

Dec. 24 – Milliner Emil Bauer made an assignment for the benefit of creditors.

Dec. 31 – James Paxton Voorhees appeared at the opera house. Terre Haute Nail Works closed for six weeks.