News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 15, 2012

HISTORICAL TREASURE: Banquet makes the front page

By Dorothy Jerse
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The second annual Licensed Saloonkeepers’ League of Indiana meeting was staged in Terre Haute on Sept. 14-16, 1893. After the delegates met in Bindley Hall, they were entertained at a banquet at the wholesale liquor firm of Hulman & Beggs which had just moved into its new five-story building, 25-27 Ninth St. at the corner of Cherry Street.

The Terre Haute Express newspaper described the firm and the event: “Herman Hulman Jr. and J. E. Beggs are both young men, the former being 27 and the latter 31 years of age. On Oct. 5, 1892, these young men formed a partnership and relieved Mr. H. Hulman Sr. of the ownership and management of the wholesale liquor department of H. Hulman.

“In assuming the great expense of entertaining their friends with such a banquet, the firm had shown their appreciation of the retailers of Illinois and Indiana.

“The large room at the rear of the offices on the first floor was tastefully decorated with flags and bunting and converted into a temporary banquet hall. The lunch was served by Caterer Sage, who was under instructions to spare neither pains nor expense in preparing a menu in harmony with the numerous other progressive strides made by Hulman & Beggs.”

And what a banquet it was! Consider the menu which was printed in this souvenir program: raw oysters, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, beef, lamb, pig, turkey, chicken served with Old National Whiskey, scalloped oysters, deviled crab, and deviled eggs served with Roman Punch. Also lobster, potato and salmon salads, herring, Saratoga chips served with California wines, beer and lemonade, fancy cakes, Switzer cheese, a variety of cakes, Lady Fingers, and crackers with caviar finished off with Hulman & Beggs Wild Cherry Bitters.

The Ringgold Band, directed by Prof. J. Breinig, played 12 selections followed by a local quartet singing several popular songs.

The story was featured on page one; no doubt it was a Terre Haute event to remember.