News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 23, 2013

Genalogy: Several families seeking information this week

Tamie Dehler
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Queries:

•  I am looking for information on Barbara (Mathias) Bennet and her brother, Henry Mathias. Both were born in Germany and immigrated about 1854. Barbara had a son, Charles (born 1862 in Indiana), who was married to Anna (surname unknown). It does not appear that they had children. I do not know the name of Barbara’s husband. I can find her in the 1910 and 1920 census of Vigo County, Indiana, residing with Charles and his wife. Henry Mathias was married to Mary (surname unknown), and had several children: Emma, Bertha, Mathilda, George, and Rosa. I find this family in Vigo County in 1880. Can anyone provide death information for Barbara Bennet or Henry Mathias or extended family? I believe they were Catholic. Are there cemetery listings for Vigo County? The siblings, Barbara and Henry, had a brother, John, in Seneca County, Ohio. Please email

• Seeking information on Alexander McPherson, born about 1816 in Scotland. His name was found in a historical book for Vigo County, Indiana. The book states that Alexander, born in Scotland, came to the United States at age three with his father and step-mother, both with no name listed. It states his father died somewhere along the way to their destination, which was believed to be in Ohio. Yet again, no name of his parents was listed. It does state he was shortly sent back to Scotland. Nothing stating where in Scotland he was sent to. He remained there until 1835 then came back, settling in Ohio, and he remained there until 1848, before moving on to Vigo County, Indiana. I have contacted records departments in Scotland along with clan McPherson. Without parents names or his exact birth date nobody can help. Somewhere there has to be a record of a three-year-old losing his father and being sent back to Scotland. Does anyone know who his parents might be or know of an exact birth date for him? I would be interested in anything at all. Please contact Deanna Burton at dennabur

• I’m trying to help someone find information on her Luce family. I no longer live in Indiana, so I don’t have access to the Vigo County Library. If anyone can help me help her, I’d really appreciate it. She’s needing the obituary columns for the following family members from the Terre Haute Tribune. I know the list is long but any of the columns would help her so much, as she is nearing the age of 80 and can’t travel there either. Thank you in advance. Please email

Luce, Charles, 47, 9/27/1928, page 2 Trib

Luce, Charles O., 82, 10/31/1929, page 2 Trib

Luce, Donald W., 48, 12/16/1969, page 8 Trib

Luce, Miss Grace, 88, 3/12/1957, page 2 Trib

Luce, Pfc Harry Leo, 19, 4/24/1945, page 7 Trib

Luce, Lawrence William, 86, 8/3/1961, page 2 Trib

Luce, Lawrence A., 63, 11/14/1974, page 5 Trib

Luce, Mrs. Milly M., 7/5/1939, page 2 Trib

Luce, Mrs. Oka May, 59, 3/27/1933, page 2 Trib

Luce, Pearl W., 87, 9/13/1993, page 2 Trib

Luce, Shell V., 76, 4/10/1958, page 2 Trib

Luce, Walter, 49, 5/13/1920, page 2 Trib

Luce, Willis A., 42, 11/28/1950, page 1 Trib