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May 17, 2013

Seibert returns from injury to win three events as Braves win sectional crown

Terre Haute South nips Terre Haute North in boys track and field

Andy Amey
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — His baseball equivalent might be Rick Sutcliffe of the 1984 Chicago Cubs.

When Tyler Seibert returned to the Terre Haute South track and field lineup Thursday for sectional action at Terre Haute North, it was like the midseason trade the Cubs made for Sutcliffe that earned them a playoff spot.

And just like Sutcliffe put the Cubs over the top, so did Seibert for the Braves, who held off the Patriots 176-167 in a meet that brought out the very best in both teams.

Seibert, the Indiana State-bound runner and jumper who had been sidelined virtually all spring with a foot ailment, was limited to three events by coach Kyle Walsh on Thursday and in one of his specialties, long jump, was limited to one attempt.

“We thought, on a really great day, that he could get 15 points for us,” Walsh said, “and we thought that might be enough. But North scored a lot more than I projected they would get, and our guys stepped up as well.”

No worries. Seibert actually scored 30 points, winning all three of his events — a 200-meter dash that might have been the decisive points of the meet, plus his usual long jump and 400-meter dash.

“We know Seibert would come out and score big points and he did,” said coach Craig Gillaspy of the Patriots.

“It was kind of a game-time decision,” Seibert said of his participation Thursday. “If it was up to me, it would have been ‘yes’ the whole time … when [Walsh] finally gave me the decision, I was ready to go.”

By next week’s regional, Seibert expects to be even better.

“I’m feeling pretty well,” he said. “The 400 [which he won by nearly two seconds] was a nice strideout … the 200 time was pretty good [for the second time he’s run that race] … and I only got one [long] jump, so I had to make it a good one.

“I’m actually in a lot better shape than I was last year.”

“He far exceeded our expectations — even his own,” Walsh said. “We were taking it one race at a time.”

Another hero for the Braves, Walsh indicated, was Riley Stohler, who won the 800 and the 1,600.

“He had four races, three wins and a second,” Walsh said. “He brings toughness to the team, and he set the tone in the 4x8 [relay, which won]. We had a school record to start the meet, and the rest fed off that.”

If a lot of people felt Thursday’s competition was strictly a two-way one for team honors, those folks probably didn’t expect just how dominant the top two teams would be. Braves or Patriots won every event but one — North Central’s Neal Greene took high jump — and the Patriots were 117.5 points ahead of third-place Northview in the team standings.

“We scored points I didn’t think we were going to score, and [the Braves] scored points I didn’t think they were going to score,” Gillaspy said, pointing to unexpected North successes by Matt Jenkins in high jump and Tyler Nemeth in pole vault. “They had some great performances, we had some better-than-expected performances … at least I know the guys put it out there.”

“It was a case of two teams rising to the occasion,” Walsh said.

North got two wins each from Cam Stewart in the hurdles and Lee Davis in the throws. Also winning for the Patriots was Jordan Moothery in the 100, and North took the other two relays. Jackson Bertoli dominated the 3,200 for South as expected, with Will Howard winning pole vault.

Top four individuals and relay teams compete at Evansville Central next Thursday.

Boys track and field


At Terre Haute North

Team scores (regional qualifiers, qualifying relays) — Terre Haute South 176 (17, 3 relays), Terre Haute North 167 (16, 3), Northview 49.5 (3,2), South Putnam 41 (3,1), Greencastle 29 (1,2), Cloverdale 29 (2,1), West Vigo 26 (2,1), North Central 26 (1), North Putnam 25.5 (4), Clay City 20 (2), Sullivan 17.5, Riverton Parke 13.5 (2), South Vermillion 4.

100 — Jordan Moothery (THN) 11.24, Grant Prindiville (CC) 11.59, Tucker Lowe (NP) 11.62, Adam Wilson (RP) 11.62, Logan Deady (THS) 11.64, Wes Riner (SP) 11.78, Ian Newton (THS) 11.78, Antione Smith (THN) 12.92.

200 — Tyler Seibert (THS) 23.32, Moothery (THN) 23.70, Deady (THS) 23.73, Ian Heffner (Nv) 24.15, Daniel Noorlag (RP) 24.28, R.J. Miller (NC) 24.30, Dominick Farr (THN) 24.71, Kegan Hunt (NC) 24.76.

400 — Seibert (THS) 50.96, Bret Brumfield (C) 52.67, Tyson Tolerson (WV) 53.13, Daniel Mackey (WV) 53.42, Nana Dadzie (THN) 53.86, Matt Jenkins (THN) 54.14, Levi Elrod (THS) 54.58, Trebor Mason (NP) 55.76.

800 — Riley Stohler (THS) 1:58.62, Hunter Barr (SP) 2:01.52, Tyler Hudson (G) 2:05.57, Jacob Waycott (C) 2:06.83, Nate Moshes (THN) 2:08.80, Austin Romanelly (WV) 2:11.03, Skyler Aguilar (Nv) 2:11.31, Isaac Harms (G) 2:11.88.

1,600 — Stohler (THS) 4:29.71, Peter Davis (THN) 4:32.06, Logan Hambrock (THS) 4:36.54, Moshes (THN) 4:36.86, Nic Yocom (Nv) 4:43.16, Blake Cochran (CC) 4:44.36, Taylor Secrest (G) 4:49.50, Berndt Freeman (SP) 4:54.82.

3,200 — Jackson Bertoli (THS) 9:27.48, Justin Clapp (THN) 10:11.16, Devon Fuson (THS) 10:14.31, P.Davis (THN) 10:20.03, Dean Danner (NC) 10:20.29, Cameron Trout (Nv) 10:30.81, Secrest (G) 10:56.74, Jonah Eckert (WV) 10:59.81.

HH — Cam Stewart (THN) 14.97, Jeremy Patterson (THS) 15.59, Cole Seward (THN) 15.60, Alex Cole (THS) 16.00, Daniel Warren (C) 16.29, Dylan Battin (G) 16.36, Cody Stout (C) 17.26, Joel Murray (NP) 18.09.

IH — Stewart (THN) 40.41, Patterson (THS) 40.66, Heffner (Nv) 40.67, Seward (THN) 40.99, Warren (C) 41.13, Battin (G) 43.17, Cole (THS) 43.54, Brantley Smith (S) 45.40.

400 relay — Terre Haute North (Moothery, Kai Stratten, Nate Carson, Farr) 43.97, Terre Haute South 45.34, Northview 46.22, South Putnam 46.34, North Central 46.51, North Putnam 46.53, Clay City 46.60, West Vigo 46.60.

1,600 relay — Terre Haute North (Carson, Travis Clapp, Seward, Stewart) 3:29.52, Terre Haute South 3:35.80, Cloverdale 3:37.11, Greencastle 3:40.26, Northview 3:42.91, South Putnam 3:44.02, West Vigo 3:45.14, North Central 3:46.83.

3,200 relay — Terre Haute South (Bertoli, Jack Harbaugh, Stohler, Hambrock) 8:03.67, Terre Haute North 8:29.63, Greencastle 8:43.07, West Vigo 8:56.22, Northview 9:42.28, Sullivan 9:46.00, Clay City 9:46.35, North Central 10:15.90.

HJ — Neal Greene (NC) 6-0, Klayton Vittetow (SP) and Jenkins (THN) 5-10, Nicholas Kaufman (NP) and Wilson (RP) 5-8, Derrick Mitchell (SP) 5-8, Aaron Brown (Nv) and Aaron Kirby (WV) 5-8.

PV — Will Howard (THS) 14-0, Zach Potter (THN) and Derik Whalen (THS) 12-6, Tyler Nemeth (THN) 12-6, Elijah Hollis (S) 12-6, Travis Beil (Nv) 11-6, Danny Creasey (WV) and Carson Willis (S) 11-0.

LJ — Seibert (THS) 20-7 1/2, Brown (Nv) 20-0, Moothery (THN) 19-8, Kaufman (NP) 19-6, Carson (THN) 19-1 1/2, Michael McKain (S) 18-8 1/4, Levi Melchert (NC) 18-3 3/4, D.Mitchell (SP) 17-7 1/4.

SP — Lee Davis (THN) 52-8 1/2, Ryan Chestnut (SP) 50-8 1/2, Bobby Bennett (THS) 46-10 3/4, Eric Davis (NP) 46-7 1/4, Brandon Russell-Cherry (THS) 45-10, Jesse Miller (Nv) 45-6, Jake Kinnaman (S) 43-10 3/4, Austin Mitchell (G) 42-5.

D — L.Davis (THN) 149-8 1/2, Nic Keller (THS) 145-10, Bennett (THS) 144-2, Josh Miller (CC) 134-10, Dalton Rowe (SV) 128-6 1/2, Kinnaman (S) 126-0, Chestnut (SP) 125-6, Ricky Scank (THN) 122-0.