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February 3, 2013

South, North swimmers have successful day at Avon Sectional

The Tribune-Star

AVON — A ridiculously deep Avon team dominated the team standings Saturday at the high school girls swimming and diving sectional in the Orioles’ pool, but two of the happiest teams afterward were ones driving west down I-70.

“We had a great day,” said coach John Newhouse of Terre Haute North, after the Patriots finished fourth and got a first-place finish and state-finals advancement by sophomore Maria Kline.

“This was arguably the best sectional meet I’ve ever been part of as a coach,” said Jeff Thompson of Terre Haute South after the Braves placed second with three individual winners and two advancing relays.

Keep in mind that Thompson has coached sectional-winning boys teams for the Braves. Swimming is about exceeding expectations — on its good days, anyway — and the female Braves did that. Twice.

“We were really good on Thursday [in qualifications] and we were even better today,” Thompson said.

Grace Padget led the way for the South girls, winning both the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke and playing key roles on both the 200 medley relay and the 400 freestyle relay. Those two teams were runners-up, but thanks to the wonders of wireless internet the Braves knew they’d qualified for the state finals with their times before their happy bus arrived back in Terre Haute.

Katherine Senseman was South’s other individual winner in the 50 freestyle, and she’s on both state-finals relay teams too. She even broke the sectional backstroke record previously held by Padget, but it won’t count. She did it as the third-place finisher, Padget’s school-record blitz of 57.05 seconds in the event pulling two other swimmers past the former mark.

Those two swimmers, by the way, weren’t necessarily the team’s overachievers. They still have better things ahead, their coach predicted.

“Grace and Katherine didn’t have to play their full hand on Thursday,” Thompson explained. “For athletes like them, this is a four-day meet and next Friday [in the preliminaries of the state finals] is Day Three. They’ll have more cards to play next week.

“The rest of the girls weren’t in that situation, though,” the coach added. “For them to swim as well as they did on Thursday, then to exceed that today was phenomenal.”

Kline’s win in the 500 freestyle for the Patriots may have been a surprise to some, but it didn’t shock her coach.

“I knew she had it in her,” Newhouse said, “it was just a matter of getting it done. Today she got it done.”

She figures to be North’s lone swimmer in the finals. TaPring Goatee had a runner-up finish in the 100 freestyle, but Newhouse was afraid her time wouldn’t be good enough to advance. She and fellow senior Alex Nichols — a third and a fourth individually — were also singled out by their coach, however.

“[Goatee] had a great meet for somebody who’s been swimming only two years,” Newhouse said. “Alex had an outstanding meet, the wasy you need to finish up your career.”

Greencastle placed fifth, with South Putnam ninth and West Vigo 11th. The Vikings got a 12th-place finish in backstroke from Elizabeth McGlone, also a part of her team’s two relays.

Team scores — Avon 514, Terre Haute South 325, Plainfield 303, Terre Haute North 290, Greencastle 205, Cascade 150.5, Tri-West 141, Danville 123.5, South Putnam 75, North Putnam 42, West Vigo 29.

200 medley relay — Avon 1:48.50, 2. Terre Haute South (Grace Padget, Katherine Senseman, Rachel Senseman, Hannah Stelflug) 1:51.69, 3. Greencastle (Mallary Meyer, Emily Wheeler, Elizabeth Brush, Amelia Smith) 1:59.52, 5. Terre Haute North (Morgan Breitweiser, Micah Breitweiser, Catherine RInk, Katlyn Powers) 2:05.66, 7. South Putnam (Morgan Dezsi, Katie McHugh, Lyndsie Beasley, Katie Hansel) 2:12.95, 11. West Vigo (Elizabeth McGlone, Amanda Bridgewater, Kayla Akers, Mackenzie Collins) 2:30.93.

200 freestyle — Hallie Jones (A) 1:56.00, 4. Maria Kline (THN) 2:00.11, 8. Ashton Dillon (THS) 2:07.05, 10. Heidi Mattick (THN) 2:07.99, 12. Lillie Padget (THS) 2:09.66, 13. Hannah Ater (THS) 2:15.80.

200 individual medley — Ana Walters (A) 2:07.37, 3. Alex Nichols (THN) 2:16.80, 7. Abby Kirsch (THS) 2:26.21, 8. Wheeler (G) 2:32.43, 9. Powers (THN) 2:27.87, 11. Brush (G) 2:31.89, 14. Heidi Archer (THN) 2:40.72, 15. Maria Gomez (G) 2:44.29.

50 freestyle — K.Senseman (THS) 24.55, 6. Smith (G) 26.30, 7. Stelflug (THS) 26.35, 8. Corrine Romer (G) 26.39, 9. TaPring Goatee (THN) 26.54, 11. Taylor Schilling (THS) 27.08, 15. Rachel Custis (G) 28.50.

Diving — Courtney Coverdale (P) 420.95, 5. Nicole Heath (THN) 297.40, 6. Kelsey Thomas (THN) 278.30, 9. Maddison Plunkett (SP) 207.35, 13. Emily Thurston (THS) 177.10.

100 butterfly — G.Padget (THS) 57.83, 5. R.Senseman (THS) 1:04.40, 7. L.Padget (THS) 1:07.30, 10. Meyer (G) 1:11.21, 11. Gomez (G) 1:11.86, 14. Mi.Breitweiser (THN) 1:16.18, 16. Rosemary Weber (THN) 1:17.33.

100 freestyle — Jones (A) 54.29, 2. Goatee (THN) 55.91, 5. Mattick (THN) 57.85, 6. Stelflug (THS) 58.44, 7. Schilling (THS) 58.83, 8. Romer (G) 59.30, 10. Smith (G) 59.38, 16. Kaelynn Cox (G) 1:03.62.

500 freestyle — Kline (THN) 5:12.90, 4. Dillon (THS) 5:30.34, 7. Powers (THN) 5:35.74, 11. Mo.Breitweiser (THN) 6:02.19, 12. Ater (THS) 6:07.07, 13. Brush (G) 6:13.89, 15. Tori Davis (THS) 6:31.58, 16. Rebecca Moore (G) 6:34.16.

200 freestyle relay — Avon 1:39.85, 3. Terre Haute North (Nichols, Goatee, Mattick, Kline) 1:43.13, 4. Terre Haute South (L.Padget, Stelflug, Schilling, Dillon) 1:45.77, 6. Greencastle (Smith, Romer, Cox, Custis) 1:48.46, 9. South Putnam (Katie Jo Beasley, L.Beasley, McHugh, Hansel) 1:57.81.

100 backstroke — G.Padget (THS) 57.05, 3. K.Senseman (THS) 58.47, 4. R.Senseman (THS) 1:02.74, 8. Meyer (G) 1:08.68, 10. Custis (G) 1:10.01, 11. Mo.Breitweiser (THN) 1:10.91, 12. McGlone (WV) 1:10.94, 13. Sydney Cassida (G) 1:11.87, 16. Archer (THN) 1:15.92.

100 breaststroke — Liz Wishart (A) 1:05.80, 4. Nichols (THN) 1:11.03, 7. Wheeler (G) 1:13.96, 8. Mi.Breitweiser (THN) 1:15.99, 11. Angel Hyde (THN) 1:16.70, 12. Kirsch (THS) 1:16.72, 13. McKenzie Vaughan (THS) 1:20.96, 15. Beth Ann Hansen (G) 1:22.94, 16. Hannah Brattain (G) 1:23.21.

400 freestyle relay — Avon 3:38.24, 2. Terre Haute South (K.Senseman, Dillon, R.Senseman, G.Padget) 3:39.99, 3. Terre Haute North (Kline, Goatee, Mattick, Nichols) 3:46.63, 5. Greencastle (Brush, Gomez, Romer, Wheeler) 4:08.06, 9. South Putnam (K.Beasley, Megan Arnold, McHugh, L.Beasley) 4:30.65, 11. West Vigo (Bridgewater, Akers, McGlone, Collins) 5:13.98.