News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 25, 2013

Bertoli plays waiting game to win Early Bird Cross Country Meet

Steve Fields
Tribune-Star Correspondent

TERRE HAUTE — The early reviews on the Early Bird Cross Country Meet are simple: It’s early. For most teams and individuals, the Saturday morning meet at the LaVern Gibson Championship Course is a measuring stick to gauge where they stand.

So the 15 boys teams and 15 girls teams know they are chasing Terre Haute South’s Jackson Bertoli, Bloomington North’s Kate Raphael and the two Bloomington South teams between now and the Nov. 2 state championship meet on the same course.

Bertoli pulled away from Bloomington South’s Kyle Burks in the final mile to win in 15 minutes and 54.2 seconds. Burke took second in 16:01.9.

“There is always that anxiety after the summer, where you’re not really sure what kind of fitness the guys are in. So it’s exciting to get out with some of the top guys in the state and see where they were. This is definitely not going to be either of our best races,” Bertoli said.

Bertoli, who finished fourth in the state championship meet last October, took command going up the last, long hill on the course.

“I didn’t want to control the lead. I didn’t want to control the pace until later in the race. When I saw the guys go out I knew [Burks] wanted to lead it the whole way because I’ve seen him race before. So I remained calm, did a body check, making sure legs are fine, breathing is fine, head’s in the right place [and] just focused in on the back of that jersey. Then when it was time to go I put it in third [gear] and it paid off for me,” Bertoli said.

Bertoli, Riley Stohler in ninth place (17:02) and Jack Harbaugh in 16th at 17:29.2 led South’s effort.

“My top three runners today were all seniors and that’s what we expect. That’s senior leadership. They got in there and battled. You can tell its early season, we faded a little bit at the end. But overall I’m happy with the top three performers,” South coach Kyle Walsh said.

However, Bloomington South placed eight runners in the top 20 and that concerns Walsh. South is still running without the injured Spencer Danielson.

“Overall we’re not quite where I would have liked to have seen us. When [Bloomington South] puts 10 guys in front of your varsity guys you know you got work today,” Walsh said.

Northview’s Nic Yocom came through with a strong run to sixth place in 16:58.

“I was trying to run as hard as I could because I wanted a good time,” Yocom said.

Northview, Edgewood and Brown County were sizing up each other for the Western Indiana Conference season. Edgewood took fourth place with 179 points, Northview fifth with 182 and Brown County 10th with 257.

The girls meet was a runaway in every way. Bloomington North’s Raphael pulled away from here cross town rival Alex Warzyniak to win in 19:38.4. But Bloomington South had five runners in the top 20 (a sixth at No. 21) for a 37-78 win over the Northside rival.

Terre Haute South finished a distant third with 82 points, led by Katie Schmidt in seventh place at 21:20.

“I was happy with my placing, but in terms of time, it wasn’t as good as I wanted. But it’s the beginning of the season though, so I have plenty of time to get where I need to be,” Schmidt said.

South’s Nikki Thiede took 15th place (22:16.6), Sami Holmes 16th (22:18.7), Katie Barton 20th (22:34.9) and Kirsten Peterson rounded out the top five in 24th place (22.45).

“It’s not what we wanted, but we’re going to get better,” South coach Ed Jarvis said.

Northview’s Ashley Kidwell ran through an untied shoe to finish fifth with a personal record of 21:08.2. The Knights finished seventh as a team with 217 points.

“I was ready to deal with that,” Kidwell said of the untied laces.

Northview girls coach Rexanne Laue summed up the thoughts of every coach and most runners from the meet.

“To me this is the starting point to see where you need to improve, what you need to do to get to the finish,” Laue said.

Early Bird Cross Country Meet

At Lavern Gibson Championship Course


Team scores — Bloomington South (BS) 31, Bloomington North (BN) 73, Terre Haute South (THS) 79, Edgewood (Ew) 179, Northview (N) 182, Martinsville (M) 195, Lighthouse (L) 207, Silver Creek (SC) 234, Forest Park (FP) 244, Brown County (BC) 257, Crawford County (CfC), Indian Creek (IC), Clay City (CC) 299, Bloomfield (Bf) 323, Southmont (Sm) 375.

Top 20 — Jackson Bertoli (THS) 15:54.2, Kyle Burks (BS) 16:01.9, Anthony Williams (BS) 16:17.3, Griffin Tichenor (BN) 16:38.9, Evan Fanklin (BS) 16:51.9, Nic Yocom (N) 16:58.0, Nich Firsich (M) 16;58.5, Harrison Streib (BN), Riley Stohler (THS) 17:02.0, Jacob Oeding (BS) 17:05.8, Xavier Martinez (BS) 17:10.3, Cole Chudy (L) 17:14.1, Hank Phillips (Ew) 17:15.0, Peter Voskuil (BS) 17:16.2, Josse Smith (BS) 17:19.0, Ethan Briggs (BS) 17:24.5, Jack Harbaugh (THS) 17:29.2, Cameron Trout (N) 17:29.7, Ryan Nephew (BN) 17:34.2, Aaron Tincher (M) 17:37.5.

Other Terre Haute South — 26. Jayce Farnsworth 17:47.5; 32. Matt Barley 18:02.7; 33. Ryan Hannaford 18:03.3; 34. Levi Elrod 18:08.1; 39. Evan Poole 18:17.2; 43. Tyler Gambill 18:35.2; 52. Andrew Major 18:55.4; 54. Ninadh Ivaturi 19:03.8; 67. Griffin Barger 19:26.0; 92. Kyle Jackson 20:07.5; 101. Austin Morris 20:21.8; 151. Ross Luttrell 22:15.2.

Other Northview — 47. Ian Heffner 18:39.3; 60. Travis Beil 19:08.3; 103. Kris Damon 20:22.9; 104. Josh Johnson 20:25.1; 137. Dawson Nelson 21:31.7; 142. Devin McCollum 21:42.5; 143. Christian Herron 21:44.0.

Clay City — 45. Parker Ames 18:37.9; 58. Blake Cochran 19:06.2; 89. Paiden Myers 20:03.8; 105. Evan Rogers 20:26.3; 107. Travis Stauch 20:31.4; 119. Jarrett Fisher 20:52.3; 136. Logan Thomas 21:28.1; 148. Michael Brooks 22:06.4 155. Dakota Robinson 22:37.6.

Bloomfield — 63. Parker Ramsey 19:15.8; 71. Brent Ellis 19:33.8; 86. Luke Vandeventer 19:51.4; 109. James Wayne 20:33.4; 110. Jared Bond 20:33.8; 134. Taylor Skinner 21:27.6; 153. Dalton Byers 22:28.5; 164. Clayton Burch 23:27.2; 177. J.J. Kingsley 26:06.4; 178. Bart Query 27:09.1.


Team scores — Bloomington South (BS) 37, Bloomington North (BN) 78, Terre Haute South (THS) 82, Silver Creek (SC) 117, Brown County (BC) 161, Forest Park (FP) 177, Northview (N) 217, Martinsville (M) 246, Bloomfield (Bf) 263, Pike (P) 294, Edgewood (Ew) 295, Monrovia (Mon) 325, Crawford County (CfC) 355, Southmont (Sm) 371, Clay City (CC) 399.

Top 20 — Kate Raphael (BN) 19:38.4, Alex Warzyniak (BS) 19:53.7, Hannah Sears (Ew) 20:38.5, Alexis Lewandowski (BS) 20:54.5, Ashley Kidwell (Nv) 21:08.2, Mackenzie (SC) 21:13.3, Katie Schmidt (THS) 21:20.0, Lainey Derheimer (BS) 21:33.3, Veronica Fickel (BS) 21.35.5, Alli Workman (Bf) 21:36.1, Maya Wilson (BN) 21:43.2, Hannah Kautz (L) 21:50.6, Amy Trousch (FP) 21:57.2, Sarah Estep (M) 22:12.9, Adi Reuveny (BS) 22:14.9, Nikki Thiede (THS) 22:16.6, Sami Holmes (THS) 22:18.7, Hope Bush (L) 22:20.9, Alicia Fredrick (BC) 22:21.4, Ella Flynn (BN) 22:23.3.

Other Terre Haute South — 22. Katie Barton 22:34.9; 26. Kirsten Peterson 22:45.0; 27. Nicole Howe 22:45.1; 35. Natalie Shanks 23:10.0; 48. Amanda Moore 23:47.2; 54. Aydee Dalina 24:16.9; Mal Cammack 26:23.2; 101. Adrian Fiordeslie 27:07.5; 115. Carrie Esley 28:14.4.

Other Northview — 41. Emily Conrad 23:17.9; 71. Ashley Arnold 25:30.0; 72. Kourtney Johnson 25:31.3; 91. Julia Smith 26:44.4; 127. Abby Conrad 29:35.6; 129. Chelsey Hines 29:45.6; 136. Taylor Simmons 31:16.8.

Bloomfield — 63. Bridget Buka 25:01.7; 75. Shelby Patton 25:33.5; 92. Shayla Wikle 26:47.7; 116. Mariah Long 28:36.1; 122. Cheyenne Wikle 29:01.6; 131. Maddie Connor 30:29.8.

Clay City — 89. Phoebe Farmer 26:35.8; 98. Ashley Reach 26.59.5; 118. Kiersten Mann 28:48.4; 140. Elizabeth Duckwall 32:14.8; 144. Krista Sinders 34:09.3.