News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 19, 2007

Given to Fly: Final rounds of men’s city tournament full of excitement

This weekend’s final two rounds of the men’s city tournament should provide some interesting story lines.

Tom Jones set himself up in great position to win his seventh title with a 68 at Hulman Links on Sunday.

Last year’s champ, Dave Brown, enjoyed playing with his long-time playing partner. Brown, who shot a 72 on Sunday to fall 11 shots behind Jones, was also not surprised to see six-time champion Ted Kaperak within three shots.

Like much of the field, those two players qualify to play in the Terre Haute Senior City tournament.

“It’s good to see us old guys play good,” Brown said. “It’s nice playing with Tom, he’s a lot of fun to watch.”

Some of the younger generations had good days Sunday as well, especially 23-year-old Stu Johnson, finishing off the day with a tournament-best 67. It should be interesting to see if Johnson can continue to play a relaxed round of golf with the leaders of the tournament. He played the first two rounds with his buddies Jon Royer, John Trierweiler and Devon Klutey.

Several other players had better scores at Hulman than at Rea Park, which is the exception of the 196-player field.

Fourteen-year-old Shelby Stewart was one of those players, making five birdies Sunday on his way to a 76. Stewart shot an 80 at Rea Park.

Current Terre Haute South golfer Phillip Myers had one of the best rounds Sunday at Hulman with a 72 after shooting a 79 at Rea, making the biggest improvement from Rea Park to Hulman.

Another young golfer, Northview graduate Tyler Akers, shot his second 75 of the tournament.

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• ISU women’s verbal — The Indiana State women’s basketball team and coach Jim Wiedie received a verbal commitment from a 6-foot-3 post player recently.

Shannon Thomas plays at Springboro High School outside of Dayton. Her coach at Springboro didn’t immediately return calls to his cell phone before the article about Thomas’ commitment.

But Tom Benjamin had good things to say about Thomas’ potential with the Sycamores in 2008 and beyond.

Thomas split time with the junior varsity and varsity as a sophomore. She truly split time, Benjamin said, and didn’t just dress for varsity games. Thomas averaged seven points and five rebounds for a team that went 18-5 that season.

Thomas’ numbers didn’t improve drastically her junior year of 2006-07 to just more than 10 points and seven rebounds per game, but Benjamin said the figures were deceiving.

“If you looked at the stats the second half of the year, she probably averaged 12 or 13 points and nine rebounds in the last 11 or 12 games,” Benjamin said. “Early in the year we really tried to move our emphasis to throwing the ball inside or to making people aware that we wanted the ball inside. We had been guard oriented. To be honest with you, Shannon wasn’t ready to be a featured player and our guards weren’t ready for that either.”

But after a 9-4 start to the season, Springboro ran off nine straight wins before falling in the sectional championship.

“What happened was Shannon became more mature. I think our surrounding players were sold on getting her the ball because I think they saw her improving,” Benjamin said. “She really in some of those games was just outstanding.”

Benjamin said his post player’s senior year should be helped by a summer spent at the North Carolina-Wilmington Team Camp.

“There were games where she was just a dominant player,” Benjamin said. “She’s gotten more mature and more confident. I think that players around her understand what she’s capable of.”

Thomas has good quickness and her ability to get up and down the floor could make her transition to ISU’s up-tempo attack a good fit.

“At 6-3 she runs the floor well, catches the ball well, has really good feet,” Benjamin said. “She needs to improve her back-to-the-basket skills. She has relied on athleticism. She needs to become a better fundamental player and she needs to get stronger. Athletically, she is in pretty good shape.”

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WTHI Men’s City Championship

Saturday’s third-round pairings

Hulman Links No. 1 tee

Eighth flight

8 a.m. — John Johnson, Terry Jarvis, Marshall Haraway, Robert Baugh

8:10 — ChrisPerrott, Scott Letugez, Ron Stephens, Guy Johnson

8:20 — Ryan Willman, Franz Lesiw, Jackson Jarvis, Brian Loomis

Seventh flight (177-187)

8:30 — Steve Long, BJ Robinson, Craig Miller, Steven Frederick

8:40 — Alan Buell, Ted Collins, Bill Tryon, Don Wilson

8:50 — Dave Kirchner, Todd Weber, Greg Gormong, Dan Gisel

9:00 — Ron Adams, Dink Simonson, Larry Endress

9:10 — Richard Frank, Gilberton Moreno, David Blake

9:20 — Paul Thomas, Jim Edington, Ezra Evans

Sixth flight (170-176)

9:30 — Gus Soloman, Scott Givens, Mike Foster, Paul Verostko

9:40 — Linc Whitecotten, Trey Church, Michael Jaynes, Dale Hinton

9:50 — Michael Moore, Roger Nelson, Curt Phillips, Carl Conwell

10:00 — Brad Conwell, Dan McNelf, Jim Nidlinger, Zac Clark

10:10 — Jeff Gaskill, Dick Godfrey, Danny Sappington, Gary Stuck

Hulman Links No. 10 tee

Eighth flight (189-251)

8:00 — Nathan Morgan, John Thomas, James Conner, Jason Cary

8:10 — Ed Morgan, Mike Bowling, Monte Barton, Glen Jones

8:20 — Chris Chalos, Jeff Saleh, Jeff Higgins, George Wolfe

Fifth Flight (166-169)

8:40 — Jack Dorfmeyer, Brandon Bekkering, Greg Brooks, Steve Murray

8:50 — Charles Joenathan, Marvin Keith, Tim Feiler, Chuck Adamson

9:00 — Tony Bonilla, Radar Ryley, Sonny Roe, Dan Gmelich

9:10 — Tyler Schrohe, Elliott Booe, John Henderson, Larry Tackett

9:20 — Dennis Stark, Jim Jenkins, Larry Fossi, Jerry Snodgrass

Fourth flight (163-165)

9:30 — Chuck Payne, Devon Klutey, Mark Malone, Dan Verostko

9:40 — Paul Ryan Moulton, Sam Peoples, Drew Dorsett, Bill Hughes

9:50 — Jordan Gaskill, Ashley Matchett, Cam White, Bryan Parks

10:00 — Andy Jackson, Bubba Atkinson, Donnie Aldrich, Ron Poore

10:10- Chris Herbert, Ken Chirhart, Kyle Stevenson

Rea Park No. 10 tee

Third flight (159-162)

8:00 — Scott Lawson, Lincoln Brown, Rick Ford, Zach Hosking

8:10 — John Trierweiler, Ron Alabaugh, Randy Nicosin, Gary Leadford

8:20 — Kenny Burk, Jeff Hefner, Dave Wampler, Bobby Watkins

8:30 — Matt Langdon, Steve Prevo, Jason Kyle, Ted Schneider

8:40 — Thomas Goss, Dick Terlecki, Steve Penman, Gary Shuck

8:50 — Dexter Dunham, Dave Will, Josh Thome, Russ Campbell

Second Flight (155-158)

9:00 — Eric Miller, Tim Mundy, Jim Homburg

9:10 — Denny Byrum, Steve Kirchoffer, Travis Turpen, Derek Depuyt

9:20 — David Samsel, Charlie Peebles, Mike Wright, Denny Jarvis

9:30 — Jeff Snoddy, Bill Alumbaugh, Eddie Kanizer, Mark Neaderhiser

9:40 — Shelby Stewart, Greg Livvix, Preston White, Mark Bird

9:50 — Tom Bekkering, Greg Greven, Rodney Compton

Rea Park No. 1 tee

First flight (149-154)

8:00 — Steve Anderson, Ken McVey, Kurt Madsen, Dave Nasser

8:10 — Jim Stewart Sr. Steve Paquin, Devon Blake, Jeff Lewellyn

8:20 — Randy Schulte, Fred Reynolds, Rich Bucy, Chris Keen

8:30 — Phillip Myers, Matt Buck, Scott Kluesner, Bill Verdeyen

8:40 — Bill Doan, Dave Alumbaugh, Jon Royer, Abe Nasser

8:50 — Scott Mcvey, Tyler Akers, Ryan Ford, Josh Morgan

9:00 — Ty Comerford, Ryan Luce, Tom Rohr

Championship Flight (137-148)

9:10 — Mark Harvey, Scott Hess, Jim Winning

9:20 — Dave Brown, J.P. Kanizer, Danny Williams

9:30 — Chris Cassell, Troy Farris, Charlie Kluesner, Greg Kluesner

9:40 — Dean Williams, Don Alumbaugh, Blayd Horrall, Mike Toney

9:50 — Tom Jones, Ted Kaperak, Stu Johnson, Ryan Roscoe