News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 16, 2013


Staff Report
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Aug. 26-30:

Taj Mahal, 1349 S. Third St. (3 Critical, 7 Non-Critical) Knives with food debris stored on knife racks, can opener with debris; cooked food items in walk-in cooler held more than 24 hours not date marked; employee drink stored in ice bin.

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 823 Poplar St. (2 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Dirty baking pans, spatula, cutting board, knives left from night before; handwash sink observed dirty.

7th & Elm Bar & Grill, 729 N. Seventh St. (2 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Cooked pasta, chili, soup not date marked; dirty pizza pans left from the night before.

Bob Evans Restaurant No. 58, 3023 S. Second St. (2 Critical) Open employee drinks observed on prep table at grill line; ice observed in handwash sink in waitress station.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 4400 S. U.S. 41 (2 Critical). Mold on chute in ice machine; cooked side dishes in stacked aluminum pans not individually date marked.

Ballyhoo International, 900 Chestnut St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Bar soda nozzle holders found with debris.

Circle K No. 2255, 1280 Lafayette Ave. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Handwash sink in storage area found dirty.

Riley Lions Club, 7880 Indiana 46 (1 Critical). Black debris found inside of ice machine.

Riley American Legion, 5600 Lama St. (2 Non-Critical)

Cackleberries, 303 S. Seventh St. (2 Non-Critical)

Brown’s Diner, 210 S. 91⁄2 St. (2 Non-Critical)

Ritter’s Frozen Custard, 2203 N. Lafayette Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Dollar General, 1720 S. 25th St. (1 Non-Critical)

White Castle Systems Inc., 4340 S. U.S. 41 (1 Non-Critical)

Ambrosini’s, 1367 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments with no violations

TC Wes Variety Store, 631 S. 14th St.

Sweet Escape Café, 8000 S. Education Drive

Riley Lion’s Den WCIEDD, 7880 Indiana 46

Dollar General No. 9482, 7205 S. Indiana 46

Franklin Elementary School, 1600 Dr. Iverson C. Bell Lane

Taco Bell, 3132 E. Wabash Ave.

Dreiser Square Community WCIEDD, Third and Washington streets

Maryvale Housing WCIEDD, 3461 St. Mary’s Road

Idle Creek Golf Course, 5353 Eldridge Road

Exit 7 Antiques, 3099 S. Sixth St.

Vigo Bowl, 210 S. 91⁄2 St.

Establishments closed

Taj Mahal

Establishments re-opened

Taj Mahal