News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 2, 2012




Dec. 12-16

Exotic Thai, 1295 S. Third St. — (6 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Raw shrimp, chicken and fried tofu found at 53-62 degrees — should be 41 degrees or less; found dirty knife on knife rack and dirty peeler and veggie slicer in utensil drawer; soup found at 114 degrees — should be 135 degrees or above; cooked noodles, chicken and fried tofu not marked with date of consumption; found several rotten potatoes in walk-in cooler; found raw shrimp and eggs stored over sauce and lettuce in walk in cooler.

Stella's Café/Tea Room With a Twist,10 N. Sixth St. — (5 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Homemade tartar sauce not dated; commercially processed ham incorrectly date marked; cooked turkey held past date to discard; ladle, Panini press, inside and out of crock pot observed with accumulated food debris; dirty dishes, pots, pans and utensils left from day before.

American Legion Krietenstein Post 104, 2690 Fort Harrison Road — (3 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Raw chicken from day before in sink (discarded); raw beef stored over cole slaw in cooler (discarded); dried food debris observed on meat slicer.

Fazoli's, 2930 S. Third St. — (3 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Observed accumulated black debris on lobby soda fountain nozzles and inside ice machine; no sanitizer measured in dishwasher; pizza and lasagna found at 105-126 degrees — should be 135 degrees or above (discarded).

The Landing at Fort Harrison, 3350 N. Fouth St. — (3 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Observed employee touching dinner rolls with bare hands; chicken breading found at room temperature (discarded); sliced roast beef lunch meat, slaw and gumbo found past date of consumption (discarded).

M Moggers Brewery, 908 Poplar St. — (2 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Soda fountain nozzle and holder in bar observed with mold; automatic dishwasher cycle finishes with rinse, washing away sanitizer.

Shadow Auction Barn, 1517 Maple Ave. — (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) No sanitizer provided; meatloaf, sloppy Joes, other items prepared off site.

Becky's Café, 1462 Lafayette Ave. (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Baked potatoes temped at 115 degrees in refrigerator, not cooled to 70 degrees within 2 hours (discarded); wiping cloth buckets stored on food prep tables.

Harry & Bud's European Cuisine, 1440 S. 25th St. — (2 Critical) Certified Food Handler expired; cooked foods in saucepans not marked for date to discard.

Comfort Suites, 501 E. Margaret Ave. — (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Opened hard boiled eggs not date marked.

Fontanet Tavern, 11150 Gallagher Road — (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Observed old food debris on potato slicer.

Little Caesar, 1834 Lafayette Ave. — (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Uncooked pizzas on rack with no time markings.

Magdy's Inc, 1000 S. Sixth St. — (1 Critical) Dirty dishes, pots, pans, and utensils from the night before. Voluntarily closed until re-inspection at 4 p.m.

Applebee's, 2506 S. Third St. — (2 Non-Critical)

McDonald's, 2633 S. Indiana 46/U.S. 40 — (2 Non-Critical)

Square Donuts, 935 Wabash Ave. — (1 Non-Critical)

Java Haute, 3805 Wabash Ave. — (1 Non-Critical)

Rea Park Golf Course Snacks, 3500 S. 7th St. — (1 Non-Critical)

Dairy Queen, 1331 N. 13th St. — (1 Non-Critical)

Wise Pies Pizza and Sub, 9 S. Sixth St. — (1 Non-Critical)

Lawton Byrum VFW Post #972, 1111 Veterans Byrum Square — (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments with no violations

B&B Cash & Carry, 724 S. 13th St.

Pap’s Sandwich Deli, 1747 Margaret Ave.

Lost Creek Senior Dining Center Schelly Hall, 9848 E. U.S. 40

Lost Creek Elementary, 6001 Wabash Ave.

Terre Town Elementary School, 2121 Boston Ave.

Fairfield Inn, 475 E. Margaret Ave.

Devaney Elementary, 1011 S. Brown Ave.

Kmart Express, 4651 S. U.S. 41

Rio Grande Elementary School, 5555 E. Rio Grande Road

The Coffee Grounds, 423 Wabash Ave.

Subway, 1735 N. Third St.

Idle Creek Golf Course, 5353 Eldredge Road

Walgreen's, 3603 S. U.S. 41

Follow-up Inspections

Exotic Thai, 1295 S. Third St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Found raw meats and eggs stored over sauces and lettuce in walk-in cooler.

M Moggers Brewery, 908 Poplar St. (No violations)

Magdy's Inc.,1000 S. Sixth St. — (No violations)