News From Terre Haute, Indiana

May 14, 2012



TERRE HAUTE — April 23-27:

Teppanyaki Grill Inc, 3810 S. U.S. 41 (5 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Found raw chicken stored over cooked chicken; at buffet found fried fish, Italian pasta, crab, gravy and Thai chicken at 119-123 degrees - should be 135 degrees or above (discarded); at Hibachi grill found cooked rice, raw chicken and shell eggs at 49-65 degrees, raw frog legs found in kitchen at 61.1 degrees - should be 41 degrees or less (discarded); octopus salad, hard boiled eggs, cantaloupe and honey dew on buffet found at 48-53 degrees - should be 41 degrees or less; scrub brush and dirty stainless steel pans found in handwash sinks.

The Copper Bar, 810 Wabash Ave, (4 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Raw hamburger stored over cook beef stew in cooler; chicken parmesan breading with food bits at room temperature (discarded); cooked food in small reach-in and walk-in not date marked; soda nozzles and cup holders observed with mold.

Pizza Di Roma, 3401 Dixie Bee Road (4 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Pizzas and calzones not marked with time to discard (discarded); soda fountain nozzles found with accumulated black debris; no one in charge at time of inspection; found mouse feces on shelves under front counter.

El Camino Real Mexican Restaurant, 1119 N. Third St. (3 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) No sanitizer in wiping cloth bucket; mouse droppings observed on bottom shelf of steam table; spray bottles of cleaner not labeled.

Ambrosini’s, 1367 Wabash Ave. (2 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) No date marking found on spaghetti, penne pasta and Italian beef; no sanitizer measured in dishwasher.

Real Hacienda, 2141 S. Indiana 46 (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) In small cooler by grill observed raw bacon on top of container of mushrooms and slices of cheese (discarded); found black slime inside ice machine and old food debris on veggie dicer.

Lawton Byrum VFW Post #972, 1111 Veteran’s Square (2 Critical) Chicken and noodles, pasta and corn mush not date marked; soda fountain nozzle cup holders observed with mold.

St Mary’s — Sodexho O’Shaughnessy Hall, PO Box 130 O’Shaughnessy Hall (1 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Observed employee touching sandwiches with bare hands (sandwiches discarded).

First Wok, 2570 Wabash Ave. (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Found raw beef stored on top of raw pork in walk-in cooler, found raw meats stored over sauces in walk-in cooler.

Archie’s Tavern, Inc, 2640 Praireton Road (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Mold observed in soda nozzle cup holder.

Ruby Tuesday’s, 3451 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Bar soda nozzle holder and inside ice machine found with accumulated debris.

Speedway #5196, 6587 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Black debris found on soda fountain nozzles.

Subway, 1485 Fort Harrison Road (1 Critical) Meatballs and sauce 124 degrees in steam table, not originally heated to 135 degrees.

Taco Casita, 2001 Wabash Av. (2 Non-Critical)

Wise Pies Pizza and Subs, 9 S. Sixth St. (1 Non-Critical)

The Country Club of Terre Haute, 57 Allendale (1 Non-Critical)

Edibles Catering and Foods To Go, 2629 S. Third (1 Non-Critical)

German Oberlandler Club, Inc, 1616 Lafayette Ave. (1 Non-Critical)


Crazy Buffet, 4676 S. U.S. 41 (2 Non-Critical)

Approved to operate:

TH Oberlandler German Club, Strassenfest