News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 18, 2012



TERRE HAUTE — May 28-June 1:

Little Caesars, 1834 Lafayette Ave. (5 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) No Certified Food Handler on staff; back handwash sink used for storage for cleaner, trash bags and scrubbing brushes; ready to bake pizzas not marked with time to discard; table mounted can opener found with accumulated debris; found a few severely dented cans.

Family Table II Restaurant, 2525 Wabash Ave. (5 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Containers of gravy to refill steam table found at 79 degrees — should be 135 degrees or above (discarded); egg wash and breading with juice crumbles at room temperature; cooked potatoes cooling at room temperature were 79 degrees after 3.5 hours (discarded); cooked turkey, sliced beef, ribs in walk-in and meatloaf, lasagna, cooked ribs in reach-in not date marked; knife in rack, slicer, mounted can opener and chute in ice machine observed with debris. Follow-up inspection scheduled for May 30.

Locust Street IGA, 1140 Locust St. (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Fried chicken in deli hot case found at 124 degrees — should be 135 degrees or above; cut melons in produce case found at 53 degrees — should be 41 degrees or less.

WIMS dba Blue Katt Lounge, 665 Wabash Ave. (2 Critical, 2 Non Critical) Fruit flies present in and around bar area; no sanitizer provided.

Park Avenue Diner, 2967 E. Park Ave. (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) No proof of Certified Food Handler.

Dairy Queen, 1331 N. 13th St. (1 Critical) Found black debris on soda fountain nozzles and orange slime found on ice machine chute.

Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse, 3495 S. Fourth St. (2 Non-Critical)

Establishments with no violations:

Circle K #35, 380 N. Third St.

CVS, 1320 Maple Ave.

Dollar General, 735 W. National Ave.

Marathon Express Mart #2, 820 W National Ave.

Dollar Tree, 2191 Indiana 46


Family Table Restaurant, 2525 Wabash Ave. (3 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Mounted can opener observed with debris; containers of gravy to refill steam table at 79 degrees — should be 135 degrees or above; spray bottle of cleaner not labeled.

Holiday Inn, 3300 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Fruit flies present in grease trap and dishwasher area.