News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 29, 2012

FLASHPOINT: Republicans enable war on middle class, unions

Ron Hastings

---- — About six years ago at the pinnacle of the Bush/GOP Dictatorship, I began telling you that the wealthy and Corporate America were laying the ground work to politically, financially and physically take over America.

Bush was waging full-scale class warfare on the middle class and using his powers beyond their limits to escalate that war.

Bush packed the Supreme Court with bobble-head loyalists to protect him and Cheney, and to play a big role in the takeover. Their job was to strike down any law that hindered the takeover, that the GOP couldn’t filibuster or kill in Congress. A perfect example is the health care law the GOP-controlled Supreme Court will rule on this year.

Some scoffed and laughed at my prediction, and one writer declared me insane, saying that it was impossible for one sector of society to take over America. But the proof, not a prediction, is self-evident, and the possible is staring you in the face!

This takeover began with Ronald Reagan, and has been 30 years in the making. Reagan began the union-busting tactics that we’re seeing today from the GOP-controlled states including Indiana. Reagan struck down the law that prohibited corporations from hiring “replacement” workers if the union went on strike. He also created trickle-down economics that gave all wealth to what we now call the 1 percent.

The main thrust of the wealthy is to use the GOP party that they’ve bought and paid for, as their main “weapon.” To bolster their plan, Karl Rove and the Koch brothers gave birth to the Tea Party. Their job was to eliminate anyone who wasn’t totally committed to the take over and fulfilling Mitch McConnell’s goal of “making Obama a one-term president.”

The plan is simple: Use the GOP/Tea Party in Congress and the “red states” to obstruct, ambush and defeat any law that would prevent them from maneuvering, and manipulating the bulk of the American people into submission. Their “battle plan” is to deny people employment, health care and to take away the safety nets that some rely on to survive. The GOP has always hated Medicare and Social Security, and it wants to kill them.

When the GOP couldn’t keep the White House and control Congress in 2008, it shifted its plan of attack to the GOP-controlled states. The failure of the middle class to vote in 2010, added Indiana to that list. What you’re seeing (if you’re paying attention) in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey and Michigan, to name a few, is a full-blown war on unions and the middle class using their power. They’re passing laws such as the voter ID law and right-to-work law. These laws are to obstruct those who have proven to vote Democratic and take away the unions’ finances so they can’t donate funds to the Democratic Party at election time.

The GOP governor in Michigan has gotten a law passed in that state that gives him the power to declare “martial law” in any Michigan city. He can appoint a “city manager” to take complete control of any city and strip all elected officials of their positions. That means they’re fired, and the GOP can do anything they want with no opposition.

The chains of social slavery are rattling and clanking all around you and your family. An independent study group has documented that one out of two families lives in or near poverty, and the GOP solution is to give more tax breaks to the wealthy. You are systematically being stripped of your financial freedoms, your independence and your rights that are given to you by the constitution. Unless you unite and fight back, this will continue to happen.

Remember the old saying “the squeaky wheels gets the grease”? The only way to get your vote heard is to come together in large numbers. Whether it’s the Occupy group or whatever their name may be. You must give your support to stop the immoral, unethical movement that threatens America and its people.

I must close with a message to Howard E. Pennell who sends me GOP/Tea Party/hate mail to my home. Howard’s goal is to intimidate me, and or silence me from writing articles to the opinion section. If this were not his goal, he would rebut my articles in the opinion section. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, no amount of hate mail will silence me and bring back an old truth. The GOP will do anything to win.

— Ron Hastings