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May 3, 2012

Vigo County Clerk - Democrat

Howard Greninger
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — A Terre Haute minister and the outgoing Vigo County treasurer will square off in the Democratic May 8 Primary election for Vigo County clerk.

There are no Republican candidates in the primary election.

Crockett has served as treasurer for seven years, but one term was just three years as the state moved the office’s election in line with other county offices. Crockett said that experience allows him to “know what is going on in the county to a certain extent.

“I have dealt with county issues and dealt with the budget,” Crockett said. “I think that experience with trying to reduce what we are using, and I have reduced the budget in my office considerably over the last seven years. I would like to be able to try to do that in the clerk’s office,” he said.

Malone said he is seeking the office “because I believe we need more God-fearing people through Christ Jesus to serve in public office. I want to serve the people of Vigo County and have the opportunity to diversify county officials,” he said.

 “I believe its important we continue to be more inclusive in allowing opportunities in leadership positions for African Americans in Vigo County, but we must make ourselves available and qualified through the process,” Malone said. “We are making strides as a community with this just being another opportunity to make another leap forward.”

Current Clerk Patricia Mansard cannot seek re-election as she is limited to two consecutive terms by state law.

Malone said Patricia Mansard, and her husband Bill, set a high standard for the next elected clerk.

“There has been a great legacy set by the Mansard family in Vigo County. All I could hope for is to maintain the integrity of the office that has been established throughout Pat Mansard’s leadership. Mrs. Mansard’s staff has done a great job, they have gained voters trust in overseeing elections by properly training poll workers and maintaining a solid election board,” Malone said.

“I would work hard to educate young people to register to vote and find ways to engage registered voters to vote. It’s sad when only one out of four registered voters vote in Vigo County,” Malone said. “We must educate people to find the need to vote. If it’s sharing historical events like the Voting Rights Act of 1964 or how many died for all to have the right to vote. We all must vote so your voice will be heard and the lives lost will not be in vane.”

Malone said he is not a politician, but a servant “seeking to serve the people of Vigo County in the capacity of county clerk to the best of my God-given ability.”

Crockett said the county needs to look at other options to control costs, especially for elections.

“I would like to see if there is any way to reduce the cost of elections. I think we have to look at all aspects, whether it is changing the way we vote or something else,” Crockett said.

One way to possibly save funds is to convert to vote centers, instead of voting in precincts, Crockett said. “We would have to weigh the costs of everything. The cost of the materials is pretty expensive,” he said.

“I would like to try to reduce the amount of paper used and try to streamline the way things are actually filed in the clerk’s office, maybe. I would like to work with the judges to see what their needs are in the clerk’s office and in the courts as well as with the sheriff on the process service, to see if there is a way to streamline that,” Crockett said.

“I just want to look at how things have been done a certain way for a while to see if there a way to make things simpler for a lot of people,” he said.

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Name: David R. Crockett

Age: 57

Education: 1973 graduate of West Vigo High School; 1977 bachelor’s degree in criminology from Indiana State University.

Work history: Vigo County deputy sheriff 1977-1998; former Realtor; treasurer elected in 2004 and assumed office in 2006.

Family: Wife, Cheryl. Two children; one grand child.

Website: None

Name: C. Dwayne Malone

Age: 44

Education: 1986 graduate Terre Haute North Vigo High School; attended Ball State University, 1986-1988 and attended Indiana State University in 1989; management accreditation from Cornell University.

Work history: Assistant manager of Terre Haute Transit Authority, 1999-2001; coached boys and girls basketball at Sarah Scott Middle School 2000-2005; coached Vigo County Youth Football League 1997-2000, and 2011; director of volunteer program that offers free tutoring of K-12 at Charles T. Hyte Community Center; assists in managing Jonah Inc.; pastor at Free Will Baptist Church.

Family: Wife, Irene. Two daughters.

Website: None