News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 5, 2008

Presidential election turnout down in Edgar County

Despite an increase in registered voters for Tuesday’s election, turnout was lower than the last presidential election in Edgar County, Ill.

A little more than 64 percent of voters turnout out Tuesday compared with 2004’s nearly 69 percent, according to spokeswoman from the county clerk’s office.

She couldn’t say what caused the decrease.

Other than a couple of minor issues, she said there weren’t any major problems that stalled voting or ballot counting.

With no local contested races, residents voted on national and state races as well as some referendums.

Residents of Paris Union School District No. 95 and Paris Crestwood Community Unit School District No. 4 voted in favor of a cooperative high school in Paris. District 95 voted yes 2,617 to 612, and District 4 voted yes 1,871 to 501.

Each district will nominate three members of its seven-member boards to serve on a six-member cooperative board and govern Paris High School.

Both superintendents will remain. No additional jobs will be created and no jobs will be eliminated.

Crestwood has been sending students to school in Paris for 57 years, so students won’t notice a change.

Residents of the Kansas Fire Protection District voted in favor of two new taxes to fund an ambulance service and emergency and rescue equipment for the district.

The fire district is made up of about 1,100 people. The ambulance tax passed 291 to 119 while the equipment tax passed 307 to 104.

A tax of not more than 0.3 percent of the value of all taxable property would be for an ambulance service and a tax of not more than .05 percent of the value of all taxable property would be for emergency and rescue equipment.

Race results

Uncontested Races

Circuit Clerk

Karen D. Halloran* (R) 7,087

State’s Attorney

Matthew L. Sullivan* (R) 6,686


W. Peter Templeton* (R) 7,257

County Board

District 3

Kevin Trogdon* (D) 1,168

District 6

Verlin D. Funkhouser* (D) 1,026

District 7

Jeff Poynter* (D) 685

Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Steven L. Garst (R) 7,181


To elect members at large

Yes 4

No 6

Unit 95 to authorize a

cooperative high school

Yes 2,617

No 612

Unit 4 to authorize a

cooperative high school

Yes 1,871

No 501

To levy for ambulance service (Kansas Fire Protection Dist)

Yes 291

No 119

To levy for emergency and rescue services (Kansas Fire Protection District)

Yes 307

No 104

* denotes incumbent