News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 4, 2008



(87 of 87 precincts)

For President and Vice-President of the United States

Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D 24,924

John McCain and Sarah Palin (R) 18,067

Bob Barr and Wayne A. Root (L) 522

Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Indiana

Jill Long-Thompson and Dennie Oxley (D) 20,375

Mitch Daniels and Beck Skillman (R) 21,874

Andy Horning and Lisa Kelly (L) 1,008

Attorney General of Indiana

Linda Pence (D) 22,859

Greg Zoeller (R) 18,316

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Richard D. Wood (D) 22,921

Tony Bennett (R) 18,316

United States Representative District 8

Brad Ellsworth (D) 29,671

Greg Goode (R) 13,303

State Representative District 42

F. Dale Grubb (D) 2,635

State Representative District 43

Clyde Kersey (D) 12,927

Ryan J. Cummins (R) 9,894

State Representative District 44

Nancy A. Michael (D) 544

Amos P. Thomas (R) 356

Darrell Goldman (L) 35

State Representative District 45

Rick Marshall (D) 1,702

Bruce A. Borders (R) 1,272

State Representative District 46

Vern Tincher (D) 6,464

Bob Heaton (R) 5,959

Judge of Superior Court Division 2

Phillip I. Adler (D) 31,989

Judge of Superior Court Division 5

Michael R. (Mike) Rader (D) 23,536

Daniel W. Kelly (R) 18,216

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Patricia R. (Pat) Mansard (D) 27,810

Bill Treadway (R) 13,737

County Auditor

Timothy M. Seprodi (D) 31,356

County Recorder

Nancy S. Allsup (D) 26,486

Bruce H. Royer (R) 14,049

County Treasurer

David R. (Dave) Crockett (D) 31,716

County Coroner

Ronald M. Kohr (D) 32,553

County Commissioner District 2

Judith A. (Judy) Anderson (D) 31,018

County Commissioner Distirct 3

Paul Mason (D) 22,343

Brad Anderson (R) 19,090

County Council Member At-Large

(Top 3 vote getters elected)

Mark D. Bird (D) 25,106

William C. (Bill) Bryan (D) 21,278

Ed Ping (D) 20,741

Tim Hennessy (R) 13,112

Angela Miller-Treadway (R) 14,476

Mike Morris (R) 17,404

School Board Member 1st District

Mel Burks 19,253

Larry Faulkner 11,383

Jacqueline L. (Jackie) Lower 24,321

School Board Member 3rd District

Donald V. Gamble 10,741

Paul G. Lockhart 20,714

Judicial Retention Questions

Shall Justice Randall T. Shepard be retained in office?

Yes 20,581

No 10,409

Shall Justice Theodore R. Boehm be retained in office?

Yes 19,951

No 10,564

Shall Justice Brent E. Dickson be retained in office?

Yes 20,226

No 10,145

Shall Justice Carr J. Darden be retained in office?

Yes 20,129

No 10,190

Shall Justice Thomas G. Fisher be retained in office?

Yes 20,027

No 10,481


(51 of 51 precincts)

Should the assessing duties of the elected township assessor in the township be transferred to the county assessor?

Yes 6,587

No 9,505