News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 4, 2008



President and Vice President

Obama/Biden (D) 4,002

McCain/Palin (R) 3,004

Barr/Root (L) 114

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Long-Thompson/Oxley (D) 4,162

Daniels/Skillman (R) 2,768

Horning/Kelly (L) 223

Attorney General

Linda Pence (D) 4,054

Greg Zoeller (R) 2,762

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Richard D. Wood (D) 4,180

Tony Bennett (R) 2,474

U.S. Representative 8th District

Brad Ellsworth (D) 4,822

Gred Goode (R) 2,291

State Representative 42nd District

F. Dale Grubb (D) 5,867

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Florinda Ann Pruitt (D) 5,487

County Auditor

Phyllis Orman (D) 5,501

County Treasurer

Wendy Farley (D) 5,436

County Coroner

Darrin Tucker (D) 5,389

County Surveyor

Jared Dreher (D) 5,348

County Commissioner District 1

Harry L. Crossley (D) 5,321

County Commissioner District 3

Timothy J. Wilson (D) 5,310

County Council At-large

(Top 3 elected)

Michael Costello (D) 4,681

Lavonna Mattick (D) 4,050

Randy M. Padish (D) 4,438

Kathy Clark (R) 2,622

Larry D. Stoops (R) 2,174

South Vermillion School Board Clinton Twp

Susan D. Goodman 2, 245

Larry G. Hill 1,837

South Vermillion School Board Clinton City

Ray C. Gilfoy 3,460

South Vermillion School Board Helt Twp

Jeffrey Joe Haltom 2,085

John Paul Roehm 2,019

Judicial questions

Shall Justice Randall T. Shepard be retained in office?

Yes 3,316

No 1,868

Shall Justice Theodore R. Boehm be retained in office?

Yes 3,211

No 1,901

Shall Justice Brent E. Dickson be retained in office?

Yes 3,266

No 1,822

Shall Justice Carr J. Darden be retained in office?

Yes 3,276

No 1,836

Shall Justice Thomas G. Fisher be retained in office?

Yes 3,228

No 1,904