News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 4, 2008



20 of 20 precincts reporting

President and Vice President

Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) 4,282

John McCain and Sarah Palin (R) 4,341

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Jill Long Thompson and Dennie Oxley (D) 4,778

Mitch Daniels and Becky Skillman (R) 3,460

Andy Horning and Lisa Kelly (L) 311

Attorney General of Indiana

Linda Pence (D) 4,394

Greg Zoeller (R) 3,586

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Richard D. Wood (D) 4,641

Tony Bennett (R) 3,248

U.S. Representative 8th District

Brad Ellsworth (D) 5,928

Greg Goode (R) 2,747

State Representative 45th District

Rick Marshall (D) 4,391

Bruce A. Borders (R) 4,296

Circuit Court Judge

P.J. Pierson (D) 6,660

Superior Court Judge

Robert E. Springer (D) 6,215

County Treasurer

Marilyn S. Salesman (D) 3,580

Beth (Ladson) Swalls (R) 4,804

County Corner

Jeffrey D. Griffith (D) 6,161

County Surveyor

Frederick (Benji) Boyd II (D) 6,265

County Commissioner District 2

Timothy W. Abrams (D) 4,992

Brent L. McCammon (R) 3,302

County Commissioner District 3

John R. McCammon (D) 4,887

Carter Phegley (R) 3,573

County Council At-Large

(Top 3 vote getters win)

Timothy S. Boles (D) 4,254

Richard D. Walters (D) 5,336

Duane Wampler (D) 4,929

Earl W. Hoesman (R) 3,262

Henry (Butch) Hayes (I) 2,693

Northeast School Board District 1

Robb L. Hester 1,632

Norman R. Santus 1,338

Northeast Schol Board District 4

Angela M. Grove 1,174

Richard T. Jones 1,057

Dennis Walker 617

Northeast School Board District 5

F. Duane Strahle 1,640

Belinda J. Wrin 1,211

Southeast School Board District 2

L. June McCammon 2,587

Barbara June Rotramel 1,956

Southwest School Board District 3

Randy Huff 2,768

William Bill Springer 1,770

Southwest School Board District 4

Jack Hamilton 3,666

Indiana Supreme Court

Shall Justice Randall T. Shepard be retained in office?

Yes 3,814

No 2,704

Shall Justice Theodore R. Boehm be retained in office?

Yes 3,683

No 2,694

Shall Justice Brent E. Dickson be retained in office?

Yes 3,715

No 2,649

Indiana Court of Appeals

Shall Justice Carr J. Darden be retained in office?

Yes 3,715

No 2,643

Indiana tax Court

Shall Justice Thomas G. Fisher be retained in office?

Yes 3,933

No 2,639