News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 5, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Week ahead bringing changes to your newspaper

Max Jones
The Tribune-Star


Last of three columns

Your Tribune-Star is undergoing some changes this week, and today’s edition reveals a few of those.

As I’ve written in previous columns over the past two weeks, a newsroom committee of writers and editors re-evaluated our section structures and decided to take a new approach to the way we appropriate space in our daily and Sunday papers.

What you will see today and throughout the week is the product of our strategy to focus more of our space and resources on the news and features that are most important to you, our readers. The results won’t be dramatic — we are not reducing the number of pages. But the changes will be noticeable, and it has been our intent from the beginning to thoroughly explain the changes so that you can find your favorite features easily and enjoy your newspaper as you always have.

These are the changes you’ll notice today. All of the usual Local and Bistate news produced by our reporting staff is contained in the “A” section. A standalone Local & Bistate section no longer exists. In its place today is a new business section, Jobs & Money, which features local, state and national business, economic and financial news.

Also, Stephanie Salter’s column now appears on the cover of this section, Perspectives, along with columnist Mark Bennett’s. Brian Howey’s column on Indiana politics is now on D4, and Morton Marcus’ column on Indiana business moves to the Jobs & Money section.

As similar changes occur in the coming week, there will be a detailed index on Page 1 to guide readers.

On Friday, we will debut a redesigned arts and entertainment section, a standalone publication that will be printed in what is known as “tall-tab format.” That means it will be larger than a traditional tabloid section such as Valley Homes or the TV section.

The section is the creation of Features Editor Alicia Morgan, who devoted her considerable design talents to developing something truly special for our readers. In addition to creating the look and feel of the section, she also coined its new name — ’Bash.

The new arts and entertainment section will be inserted in your Friday paper. We also plan to make ’Bash available at venues throughout community to increase exposure of the many and varied events that make this such a vibrant place to live.

As always, we welcome and value your feedback as we roll out these changes in the coming week. As our readers, your satisfaction is imperative. We are committed to keeping you well-informed and entertained.

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