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April 26, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: April 26, 2013


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Pence’s tax cuts benefit wealthiest

I’d like to follow up on Jane White’s letter about the 10-percent tax cut proposal by Gov. Pence that, once again, will give the biggest benefit to the wealthy. For those making $25,000 or less, your tax cut for the year would amount to around a hundred dollars. For those making around $50,000, your tax cut would amount to around $200 or $250. For those making $100,000 and above, their tax cut would be in the thousands.

Every week, we read this in the T-S that cities, towns and villages must cut their services and raise fees to be able to keep themselves solvent. The reduction in property taxes and the loss of revenue from them is apparent throughout the state.

Luke Kenley a major player in our GOP super majority has suggested that cities, towns and villages raise their wheel tax and increase license plate fees to make up for their loss of revenue. We’re also hearing suggestions about raising the gasoline tax to make up for lost revenue.

There isn’t enough money available to fix our crumbling in infrastructure or fund the schools.

Pence’s solution to the loss of revenue and cutting services is to take away more revenue. Raising the wheel tax or license fees or the gasoline tax would hurt the poor and middle class. Any tax cut they would get would be wiped out.

At first the GOP-controlled legislature said no to the 10-percent tax cut. Then in the proposed budget, they said they’d agree to 3 percent. Do not be surprised when the budget is approved that the 10 percent is in there. When you give either political party complete control, you have given up your right to have your views, opinions and rights respected and represented. A one-way street only goes one way.

— Pam Rogers