News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 20, 2013

EDITORIAL: It’s happening, and it’s here

Lots of activity if you look around

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — There’s nothing to do in Terre Haute or in Vigo County.

Or Marshall, Ill. Or Brazil. Or Paris.

Nothing but watch paint dry, listen to the bullfrogs and smell the corn grow.

You’ve heard that, but it’s so wrong.

Look no farther than our recent editions of ’BASH, our arts and entertainment section published each Thursday, and you will find lots for you and your family and friends to do.

Today, ’BASH features Saturday’s Alabama Street Festival in Brazil, a chicken noodle dinner in Montezuma, “Art Affair on the Square” in Rockville, the Tailgate Taste-off in Terre Haute, the results of a juried art show at Terre Haute’s Swope Art Museum ... and lots more.

In last week’s ’BASH, you would have been enticed by the sweet, seasonal news of Terre Haute’s downtown Strawberry Fest, by an art fair and garden walk in Paris, by “You Can’t Take It With You” at ISU’s Crossroads Repertory Theatre, by a block party in the Twelve Points neighborhood, by a pasta dinner in Fontanet, by news of the Brazil Concert Band … and by lots more.

And in the previous week’s ’BASH, you would have read about the Coon Holler Kids bluegrass group scheduled to play in Rosedale, about an upcoming quilt and woodworking show in Bridgeton, about Heritage Days in Martinsville, Ill., about a workshop on fiber dyeing and yarn colors at St. Mary-of-the-Woods, about summer shows at Shawnee Theatre in Bloomfield, about that weekend’s pottery festival in Clay City and about the Marshall Band’s first summer concert on the courthouse lawn … and about a lot more.

And this doesn’t even mention activities that our staff writes about and photographs for the news, sports and lifestyle pages in the daily and Sunday versions of The Tribune-Star.   

OK, so it’s not the bright-lights, big-city buzz you would find in Times Square, on Sunset Boulevard, down the Magnificent Mile or on Beale Street. Those are all exciting places to visit.

But there’s a lot to do right here in and near River City. Lots that’s close and inexpensive. And those things to do will only grow as summer comes on full bloom. Some of the things to do might seem square (L-7, as Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs sang in “Wooly Bully”) at first, but a lot of them are fun and instructive. They can bring a smile to your face and exercise to your brain. Consider them simple pleasures.

And they also build our sense of community between towns and across that artificial line that divides Indiana and Illinois. They can extend us beyond our self-isolation in our little corners of the world. If you live in Terre Haute, visit an event in Marshall, Ill. If you live in Clinton, try an event in Merom. If you live in Paris, go to Brazil. If you live in Robinson, come to Terre Haute. Your adopted neighbors will greet you warmly, of that we are sure.

And you’ll find lots to do.