News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 13, 2013

EDITORIAL: Noteworthy in the news: The best weekend of the year

The Tribune-Star

---- — How can you not love this time of year in Terre Haute? With a big weekend of outdoor activities on the calendar, even the weather has decided to cooperate.

It has been said, and we tend to agree, that this weekend is the best of the year downtown. That’s because it’s time for the annual Blues at the Crossroads Festival to begin its two-day run. Known affectionately as BluesFest, this downtown musical romp opens tonight at Seventh and Wabash, then resumes at midafternoon Saturday.

It doesn’t really matter if blues music isn’t your thing, because BluesFest is worth attending and enjoying no matter what. Food, drink, dancing and top-notch social interaction will be in great supply. And with refreshing autumn-like temperatures pushing out those muggy summertime temps today, the atmosphere promises to be magical.

All the colorful details about the festival are available in the ’BASH entertainment section of Thursday’s Tribune-Star. Or you can find details online at BluesFest also has a website,

There is simply no truth to the shallow claim that “there’s nothing fun to do in Terre Haute.” Spend a few hours downtown this weekend, and you’ll know better.

You can say that again

“[9/11] is a day we must never forget. Those people didn’t volunteer to be in harm’s way. That loss of innocent life has changed our lives forever.”

— Maj. David Baysinger, an executive officer of the National Guard 38th Special Troops Battalion, during his keynote address at a 9/11 remembrance ceremony Wednesday in Brazil

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