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April 18, 2013

EDITORIAL: Noteworthy in the news

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — For most Hoosiers, their taxes are paid. The good news is, those state income taxes are down thanks to our previous governor. Meanwhile, the current governor is trying to shrink even lower.

It’s time to celebrate! Perhaps you and your family should do so by visiting one of Indiana’s beautiful state parks.

Ah, but that’s where the bad news comes in. Because of the severe state budget cuts of recent years, those parks and recreation areas you love so much have suffered from inattention, even neglect. Now more than ever, volunteer help from the citizenry is being sought to help parks stay vital.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is asking Hoosiers to up their support for parks by forming Friends groups or joining existing groups. The DNR explained recently that Friends groups help with events, work on trails, raise funds for projects and help fund the purchase of equipment, supplies or other materials.

If you are a fan of parks such as Turkey Run or Raccoon in Parke County or Shakamak in Greene County, pay special attention. Links to each state park and reservoir Friends groups are at

If no group exists, you can help start a Friends group for a park or reservoir property by contacting the property office.

While it’s sad that state support of these treasures is not what it should be, it’s satisfying to know that there are volunteers out there who are ready to help fill the void.

If you love your state parks and want them to thrive, here’s your chance to help.

You can say that again

“Wow, what kind of world do we live in? We can’t send our kids to school and we can’t run down the street. Are we turning into a third-world country? What is going on in the United States?”

— Bobby Jo Cooper, manager of a Terre Haute cleaning business, in reaction to news about the Boston Marathon bombings

Reader poll results

Recently, the Reader Poll at asked:

Do you agree with the strategy to enhance security by investing funds to place law-enforcement officers in every public school?

Results: 368 votes were cast.

• Yes — 182 votes, 49.46 percent

• No — 169 votes, 45.92 percent

• Undecided — 17 votes, 4.62 percent