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January 10, 2014

Editorial: Noteworthy in the news: Taking no chances with safety

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The timing and severity of the “Polar Vortex” winter storm that hit last weekend extended the holiday break for public schools for another week throughout the Wabash Valley. It was a tough situation and certainly stressful for parents of school children who needed attention and supervision far beyond what had been planned.

But let’s face it, superintendents really had no choice but to keep buses and kids off the roads. Even in cities and towns, where streets were a bit more passable, it would have been a challenge. Sidewalks and crosswalks were still blocked by piled snow.

As Vigo County School Corp. Superintendent Dan Tanoos explained during a Thursday ride-along with our reporter and photographer, it wasn’t just he who was seeing the obvious. Law enforcement and county officials, as well as utility company personnel, were advising him against opening schools late in the week. It would have been unwise to ignore such warnings.

Schools may have to make up some of the lost days, but that will be worked out later. And we assume classes will resume on Monday.

Meanwhile, a tip of the winter cap to school superintendents and their advisers for letting only student safety guide their decisions.

You can say that again

“I’m probably going to Vegas when this is over.”

— George Fulk, owner of Wabash Valley Towing and co-owner of Poor Boy’s Towing, who got only six hours of sleep over three days while working to free 15 jackknifed semis on I-70 after the recent snowstorm

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