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May 23, 2013

EDITORIAL: Noteworthy in the news: MVC tourney an event worth having

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — It’s been a long time since the Missouri Valley Conference chose Indiana State University to host its post-season baseball tournament, but Terre Haute had never been more prepared for an event such as this.

Last week, the conference announced the somewhat surprising pick of ISU for the 2014 tourney. It will take place one year from now, the week of May 20-24 at Bob Warn Field.

It’s been 31 years since ISU hosted the tourney in 1982, but much has changed in the community and at the university. We suspect tourney visitors — and we hope there are many — will be impressed with what they find and experience here.

Hosting this type of big-time event is nothing new for Terre Haute and ISU, so there is nothing at all intimidating about this development. ISU has already hosted the NCAA Cross Country Nationals for several years and will host it again next year. It has also hosted the MVC track and field and women’s golf championships.

We join the community in offering congratulations and loud applause to ISU for landing this event. Thousands of people will converge on the town for the multi-day event, and that will be an economic boon on several commercial fronts.

Athletics Director Ron Prettyman said it best: “It’s good for our town. It’s going to be part of moving the baseball culture of Terre Haute forward.”

You can say that again

“Nobody is saying it’s not appropriate for the state to regulate alcohol. But the regulation needs to be rational.”

— Scot Imus, executive director, Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, reacting to the legislature’s lack of action on reforming the regulation of alcohol sales

Reader poll results

Recently, the Reader Poll at asked:

Should Indiana consider lowering its drunken driving threshold from .08 percent to .05, as is being recommended by the federal government?

Results: 424 votes were cast.

• Yes — 161 votes, 37.97 percent

• No — 251 votes, 59.2 percent

• Undecided — 12 votes, 2.83 percent