News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 19, 2012

EDITORIAL: Firmly on top at Rose-Hulman

College extends its reputation of excellence in education


TERRE HAUTE — When Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology repeats as the No. 1 undergrad engineering school in the nation, it may not rank as the biggest or most sensational news story of the year. The college has done this before — 14 consecutive years and counting.

So while this repeated excellence, as rated by U.S. News and World Report, may no longer generate the type of exuberance it once did throughout the community, rest assured it’s celebrated enthusiastically, both inside and outside the hallowed halls of the eastside Terre Haute campus.

Rose-Hulman recently learned of its 14th consecutive top ranking for colleges that offer the bachelor’s or master’s as their top degrees in engineering. It’s a remarkable achievement that the institution and campus community will never grow weary of receiving, even though school leaders, students and administrators are always quick to insist that awards such as these aren’t why they do what they do.

Providing the best possible education in science and engineering is, of course, what Rose-Hulman does so well. By developing a second-to-none reputation, however, it benefits from a sparkling national image that undoubtedly turns the heads of prospective students and faculty. Success breeds success.

Likewise, having an institution of higher learning such as Rose-Hulman in its midst boosts Terre Haute’s image as well, both internally and externally. In addition to the top-flight jobs it provides, the college is an excellent resource for the community and a great contributor to local causes.

You can say that again

“There is a certain amount of skepticism as far as what does it actually mean. We all like it. We all think it’s wonderful. But ultimately, we’re doing what we’re doing because we believe we’re helping students be successful.”

— Phil Cornwell, Rose-Hulman’s vice president

for academic affairs, on Rose being named

the top undergrad engineering school

for the 14th consecutive year