News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 11, 2009

Divorces: Nov. 12, 2009

Divorces filed

Matthew C. Louis and Heather N. Louis.

Dominic E. Dipierro and Erin R. Dipierro.

Susan Bracken and Harry Bracken.

Tricia L. Walker and William L. Walker.

Valerie Walters-Brumett and Mark A. Brumett.

Lucile J. Jones and Robert R. Jones.

Linda Campbell and Anthony Campbell.

Cortnee Vangilder and Daniel Vangilder.

Johnda Johnston and Thomas R. Johnston Jr.

Brian K. O’Neal and Angela N. O’Neal.

Abbi-Lou Pell and Robert E. Pell.

Virginia A. Perez-Hammons and Donald R. Hammons.

Diana R. Fagg and Ronald R. Fagg.

Jessica L. Zachary and Anthony M. Zachary.

Jan M. Haight and Roy J. Haight.

Joann Brown and Victor Y. Brown.

Stephanie E. Conley and Ira J. Johnson.

Gary W. Lockard and Lee A. Lockard.

Fred Walker Jr. and Vicki L. Cochran.

Divorces granted

Ronald R. Freeman and Robin L. Burke.

Kali E. Dorn and William C. Dorn. Her former name of Skinner is restored.

Tonya L. Byrley and Bruce E. Byrley. Her former name of Keefer is restored.

Anna K. Hensley and Ronald L. Hensley Jr.; parties shall have joint legal custody of two minor children; he shall pay $71 per week child support.

Tasha Nicole Siders and Joseph Nathan Siders; parties shall have joint legal custody of a minor child; she shall have physical custody; he shall pay $75 per week child support.