News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 16, 2009

Divorces: June 17, 2009

Divorces filed

Judy A. McGuire and James G. McGuire.

Meghann Reynolds and Nicholas Reynolds.

Cammara D. Certo and Russell R. Certo.

Melissa Coley and Jared Coley.

Marilyn S. Crowley and James D. Crowley Jr.

Lissa Strange and Michael Strange.

Christy Hunt and Jeremy Hunt.

Carissa S. Taylor and Christopher V. Taylor.

Gwendolyn Laffoon and John Laffoon Jr.

Carole A. Jenkins and William E. Jenkins Sr.

Danny P. Harris and Marilyn A. Harris.

Sharon R. Bailey and Larry A. Bailey.

Michael R. Wyrick and Melinda K. Wyrick.

Jacob S. McCrocklin and Melissa M. McCrocklin.

Nancy J. Cartwright and James W. Cartwright Jr.

Leroy Porter and Marie Porter

Rebekah A. Elder and Thomas L. Elder Jr.

Kathleen M. Davis and Rodney T. Davis.

Angela M. Graham and Bradley A. Moore.

Amy Shawler-Martin and Robert G. Martin.

Jason M, Benefiel and Meredith L. Benefiel.

Amy L. Elliott and Shaun W. Elliott.

Billie J. Young and Steven Michael S. Young.

Danielle R. Compton and James M. Compton.

Clancee C. Burns and Thomas J. Burns.

Anthony Bailey and Tammy M. Bailey.

Sherwin Howard and Terra R. Howard.

Patricia S. Hughes and Ralph J. Menchen.

Gwenda L. Mitchell and Mark T. Mitchell.

Renee Roderus and Willard Roderus III.

Luke W. Staley and Julie L. Staley.

Wendi Rentauskas and Christopher Rentauskas.

Zara A. Edwards and Karl D. Edwards Sr.

Constance M. Rapier and Marvin L. Rapier.

Michael Ray Creasey Jr. and Candy S. Creasey.

Joni Foulkes and Arthur Foulkes.

Jeremy S. Burke and Amanda K. Burke.

Michael E. Beck and Margo A. Beck.

Tammie R. Dinning and Darryl W. Dinning.

Kenneth W. Kondoudis and Marilyn Kondoudis.

William D. Berry and Kathryn L. Berry.

Marita Weger and Robert E. Weger.

John E. Orman Sr. and Roxanna Orman.

Johnathan Gainor and Amber Gainor.

Cheryl E. Wood and Christopher Wood.

Stephanie Morris and Christopher Morris.

Vanessa Myers (Peterson) and Woodrow L. Myers Jr.

Divorces granted

Robert L. Williams and Dackie L. Williams. Her former name of Wood is restored.

Leslie L. Thais and Gerald J. Thais.

Linda Rapier and Hal D. Rapier. Her former name of Evans is restored.

Tifanie Olson and Grant A. Olson; she shall have physical custody of a minor child; he shall pay $50 per week child support.

Kenneth Hutson and Raychel Hutson; she shall have physical custody of a minor child; he shall pay $25 per week child support. Her former name of Hatcher is restored.

Eric L. Wilkinson and Holly R. Wilkinson; parties shall share joint legal custody of a minor child; he shall have physical custody.

Gregory A. Woolley and Kelli M.I. Woolley.

John K. Koerner and Amanda L. Koerner; parties shall share joint legal custody of two minor children; he shall have physical custody; she shall pay $67 per week child support.