News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 13, 2009

Divorces filed: June 14, 2009

Lindsay D. Kasemeyer and Joshua L. Kasemeyer.

Linda F. Rapier and Hal D. Rapier.

Tina Leonard and David Leonard.

Debra R. Bailey and William R. Bailey.

Jeanne A. Ellis and Myron P. Ellis.

Rodney S. Brown and Kayla M. Brown.

Victoria A. Grigsby and Craig V. Grigsby.

Mary L. Parker and Arlie D. Parker.

Lori Campbell and David Campbell.

Tina J. Valentine and Dane L. Valentine Jr.

Holli Hooper and Ryan Hooper.

Cathy Cherry-Moody and Andre Moody.

Ashlee N. Durbin and Joel E. Durbin.

Crystal Jones and Harold W. Jones Jr.

Elizabeth Glazner and Michael Glazner.

Paula S. Hayhurst and Harvey E. Hayhurst.

Gregory Woolley and Kelli M. Woolley.

John C. Mullican and Erin E. Mullican.

Jonathon A. Wade and Krystal D. Wade.

Kenneth D. Terry and Felicia Terry-Boyce.

Dane L. Valentine and Tina J. Valentine.

Wendy Glaziner and Aaron Glaziner.

Kelly J. Fischer and Ann M. Fischer.

Eric L. Wilkinson and Holly R. Wilkinson.

Jacob Frey and Crystal Frey.

Julia A. Boner and Ricky D. Boner Jr.

Julie M. Holmes and Jack A. Holmes.

Dana Steward and Gregory Steward.

Mandy Burnett and Justin M. Burnett.

Shannon C. Bowman and Connie Bowman.

Laura Shouse and Dennis Shouse.

Judith A. Jones and Richard A. Jones.

Larry Rice and Stephanie Rice.

Franklin D. Jones and Lowanda Jones.

David B. Garland and Natalie R. Garland.

Joseph M. Arbing and Carol J. Arbing.

Christine S. Miller and Leslie Miller.