News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 26, 2009

Divorces filed: Feb. 27, 2009

Belinda M. Meiners and Gregory S. Meiners.

Laura J. Hayes and Jamie R. Hayes.

Dawn Gutierrez and Fernando Gutierrez.

John E. Ridge and Mirand Roe-Keller

Eugene J. Murawski Jr. and Heather D. Murawski.

April Riggs and Charles Riggs.

Marc Royal and Lisa Royal.

Jorge C. Frank and Jenny L. Frank.

Gina M. Hall and Herman L. Hall.

Roy E. Linder and Donna M. Linder

Kimberly Thomas and Antonio Thomas.

Ediza Wright and Shannon Wright.

Regina L. Hay and Michael R. Hay.

Barbara E. Aguilar and Armando Aguilar Jr.

Franklin D. Kelley and Thelma P. Kelley.

Melissa Gaines and Ricky Gaines.

Catherine M. Rhoades and Landon T. Rhoades.

Howard Lawson and Kennanita Lawson.

Amy Suggs and Prentice Suggs.

Rita Updike and Archie Updike.

Angela Highsmith and Stephen Highsmith.

Mickeia L. England and Tony L. England.

Natasha L. Sullivan and James E. Sullivan.

Henry F. Douglas and Samantha J. Douglas.

Billy W. Thomas and Abbie Thomas.

Tifanie E. Olson and Grant A. Olson.

Terry L. Rose Jr. and Barbara J. Rose.

Paul R. Moore and Terri L. Moore.

Amy A. Beard and David M. Beard.

Wayne Thibodeaux and Lisa Thibodeaux.

Beth M. Eversole and Thomas J. Eversole Jr.

Elizabeth Haskett and Bradly Haskett.

Erin L. Harden and Kevin S. Harden.

Gloria E. Diaz and Andrew D. Mader.