News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 8, 2008

Divorces granted: Sept. 9, 2008

Jennifer L. Francis and Brock L. Francis. Her former name of Griffy is restored.

Melvin R. Bell III and Joni M. Bell; mother to have custody of two children; her former name of Lowe is restored.

Bonni J. Matlock and Brian L. Matlock.

Dawn M. Ingle Hunt and Achim O. Hunt; parties shall share joint legal custody of the three minor children; she shall have physical custody; he shall pay $117 per week child support.

Leonard J. Fields and Barbara L. Frost.

Lindsey Dix and Craig Hendrickson.

Alison M. Jones and Marty L. Jones.

Diane R. Daugherty and Robert L. Daugherty.