News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 30, 2010

Divorces filed for 1/31

Kenneth W. Akers and Anita J. Akers.

James L. Alexander Jr. and Angela D. Alexander.

Carrie T. Arnold and Mark J. Arnold.

Kathryn C. Ater and Gary L. Ater.

Mindy Balka and Mike Balka.

Kendra S. Barth and Matthew J. Barth.

Dianna S. Bickel and John R. Bickel III.

Shannon Bowman and Connie Bowman.

Adeline Brown and Matthew Brown.

Aaron Buckels and Kimberly Buckels.

Troy M. Butler and Cyreatha A. Butler.

Linda Campbell and Anthony Campbell.

Amanda L. Carrico and Bruce A. Carrico.

Megan Carter and Kenneth Carter Jr.

Lucas M. Collins and Christina K. Collins.

Luwanna Compton and Stephen Compton.

Sherida Cottrell and William K. Cottrell.

Molly M. Coulston and William D. Coulston.

Tyler Dahl and Kimberly Dahl.

Jessica Darnell and Richard Darnell.

Daniel J. Deford and Bonnie J. Deford.

William D. Dery and Deloras A. Dery.

Elizabeth R. Gdowik-Devanis and George D. Devanis.

Rachelle Dunlop and William S. Dunlop.

Christina M. Edington and Kenneth W. Edington.

Margaret J. Evans and James E. Evans.

David C. Ewing and Megan Ewing.

Belinda L. Fowler and Christopher P. Fowler.

Carrie E. Garner and Scott D. Garner.

Shannon Girton and Sebrina Girton.

Jessica A. Glidden and Roy L. Glidden Jr.

Susan K. Gray and James F. Gray.

Gregg Greven and Lisa Greven.

Michael D. Hanna and Tina Hanna.

Jessica Hayworth and Farris Knox.

Chad Hedden and Raquel Hedden.

Michelle L. Hennessy and Timothy M. Hennessy.

Ruth Hernandez and Gene Hernandez.