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April 21, 2013

REDNECK QUAKER: Collings wins safari raffle

By Kenny Bayless

TERRE HAUTE — Mays are ‘Ladies of the Outdoors’

And the winner is … Brad Collings of Bridgeton, Indiana! 

On April 13, the raffle ticket was drawn to see who would be going on safari in South Africa with Van Vuuren African Safaris. Attendees of the Vigo County National Wild Turkey Federation banquet were on the edge of their seats hoping their name would be announced.

A big “thank you” goes out to all who purchased one of the 100 tickets.

Mack Adams of Terre Haute purchased the African hunt that was live-auctioned and got a great deal. Mack is an expert sporting-clay shooter, so let’s see how he does sighting down a gun barrel while taking a wart hog.

* As Rick May of Hymera was holding his newborn daughter, Shelley, little did he know 8 years later she would be hunting quail with him and going on to be an even more of a sportsman than him. She hunts anything that walks and fishes for anything that swims.

Shelley, now 41, started turkey hunting when women didn’t think of hunting and the only camo to wear was army surplus.

If Connie May wanted to spend time with her daughter, she had to go to the woods. About 4 years ago, this mother/daughter team was on the hunt when a turkey crossed in front of them, heading out of the country.

When the truck came to a stop, these gals went running and gunning! They worked their way around to the two Jakes and convinced them to stop with calls from Shelley’s old Lynch box call. The birds were behind a bunch of multiflora rose bushes, thinking they were well hidden. Shelley said “Mom, when they start walking to us, you can see their head in that small open spot. That’s where you have to take your shot.”

When Connie dropped the hammer on the gun, the turkey dropped also. Those two gals were jumping up and down like kangaroos.

A memory of a lifetime was made at that moment.

Shelley’s most impressive bird came one day when her dad was mowing the yard. So once again the mother/daughter team slipped off down over the hill from the house and set up on a corn field. With expert calling, a gobbler at 100 yards away left his flock to meet up with the sexy sounding hen. He came running through that muddy cornfield and went down at 25 yards, still at a dead run. He weighed in at 25 pounds, had 27-mm spurs and sported an 11-inch beard. I bet dad makes Shelley mow the yard from now on!

She has taken at least 12 birds all the way from Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri with her 20-gauge Remington 1100 shotgun using 5 shot, while wearing any type of camo. Shelley says she’s not very patient so she likes to run and gun, that is, get as close as you can then set up to call.

Eight-year-old Lee May, Shelley’s son, said, “I got a 410 shotgun for Christmas that I can make the stock any length I want.”

Lee, if you follow your mom and grandma into the woods, you have a bright future.

This is a rare team to find in the outdoors. You rednecks could learn a thing or two from these “Ladies of The Outdoors.”

* The New Goshen Fire & Rescue is presenting the second annual Sporting Clay Open on Saturday at the Terre Haute Sporting Clays, located 3 miles north of Terre Haute on Indiana 63 at 1041 W. Sanford Ave, West Terre Haute, IN 47885.

Come enjoy a day of fun and sportsmanship in shooting 75 clay targets. Shells, targets, lunch and T-shirt are included with your registration.

Cost is $375 per four-man team or $100 per person. Registration is day of the event. Also available are a poker run, trap & skeet shooting and raffle. All proceeds will be used to purchase new equipment for New Goshen Fire & Rescue.

Call 812-535-3600 for more information.

* I need fishing stories (real ones)!

Contact or 812-877-4688.