News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 18, 2013

MILESTONE: Aug. 18. 2013


---- — Investigative Squad Sgt. Jill Rice recently retired with 33 years and eight months of service to the Indiana State Police Department. Her tenure secured her position as the first female in the history of the ISP to serve more than 30 years with the department, as well as the first woman in the department to reach the age of 65.

Rice graduated from the 38th ISP Recruit Academy on Dec. 14, 1979. She was initially assigned to the former Charlestown post in southeastern Indiana and worked the road for 13 years. Rice then transferred to the ISP’s drug enforcement section and served approximately four years as an undercover officer, working drug investigations around Indiana and other jurisdictions as far away as Texas.

She then became an intelligence coordinator, analyzing criminal and gang data for the ISP and other agencies until her recent transfer to the investigations unit at the Putnamville post. While at the Putnamville district, Rice served as an investigative squad leader, supervising district detectives until her retirement.

During her career, Rice was the recipient of many letters of accommodation, along with an “extra effort” award from former Marion County Prosecutor Stephen Goldsmith for her work with the death investigation of a prominent Indianapolis restaurant owner.

Rice is an Indianapolis native, having graduated from Arsenal Tech High School. She later attended Indiana University, majoring in police administration.