News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 23, 2011

State forest timber sales benefit 2 Valley counties


INDIANAPOLIS — Sixteen Indiana counties are sharing more than $280,000 that the Department of Natural Resources is distributing from revenues generated by state forest timber sales.

The revenue sharing is established in Indiana Code 14-23-4, which bases each county’s share on 15 percent of net revenue from state forest timber sales in each county during the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

In the Wabash Valley, Greene County will receive $168 and Sullivan County $4,110. The counties are required to distribute 50 percent of these funds to fire departments that have cooperative agreements with the DNR. Counties can use the remaining 50 percent as they wish.

“Through this annual revenue distribution, counties and local fire departments have received almost $1.6 million over the last five years,” State Forester John R. Seifert said. “This funding is made possible through sound, sustainable forest management on the DNR state forest system.”

The DNR Forestry’s state forest management program has been certified through two internationally recognized forest certification programs, meaning that the wood sold from state forests enters the marketplace as green-certified.

The economic impact of selling more than 14 million board feet of wood from the state forests is approximately $719 million to the Indiana economy. This includes cost of the raw product, harvesting and associated manufacturing into wood products such as furniture and flooring.