News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 30, 2012

Frontier Communications responds to remnants of Hurricane Sandy in Indiana

Network performs well and is stable

News Release

TERRE HAUTE — Frontier Communications personnel throughout Indiana are working around the clock to maintain service to its customers during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which slammed into the eastern seaboard on Monday. Heavy winds and rain have caused numerous power outages particularly in the eastern and southeastern portions of the state.

“We are experiencing a higher number of commercial power outages serving our network,” explained Greg Stephens, Frontier Sr. Vice President in Indiana. “With trouble loads running much higher than normal, our dedicated technicians have really stepped up and are working tirelessly to respond to our customer’s service problems.”

The Frontier network has hundreds of host offices and remote switching units that have dedicated backup batteries and generators in the case of power outages. This allows the network to continue to route calls and maintain broadband connectivity to the Internet in situations of commercial power failure.

Stephens added, “Even while we are in the middle of this storm, our 24/7 Network Operations Centers are monitoring our network and assisting with directing our technicians to trouble areas in order to connect portable generators and maintain the integrity of the network.”

Impacts of the storm are:

• Trouble loads are running higher than normal volumes.

• High winds have downed trees and lines causing isolated service outages across portions of Indiana.

• As of 10 a.m. EST, less than 1,000 customers are out of service due to commercial power outages. Generators are being dispatched to restore these sites as quickly as possible.

• Another 12 sites are running on battery and functioning normally.

The company is taking extraordinary measures to maintain service to its customers so they can continue to rely on their telephone in case of emergencies and broadband service:

• Frontier personnel are working extended hours to respond to customer trouble reports.

• Personnel from unaffected areas may be deployed in heavily impacted areas to mitigate customer trouble from the much increased levels.

• All efforts are being taken to protect the integrity of the network by monitoring for commercial power failures.

“Considering that Frontier maintains about 850,000 lines in our Midwest region, experiencing less than 1,000 lines currently out of service due to commercial power outages is a testament to how serious we take network performance,” Stephens said. “By investing nearly $150 million in modernizing and upgrading our network across our Midwest region in the past two years, it is paying dividends not only in bringing broadband to tens of thousands of customers but also in the quality of our network.”

Any customer experiencing trouble with their phone or Internet should call 1-877-462-8188, option 2 to request repair. Repair technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Up to this point, the network has performed very well and Frontier is not experiencing any wide spread outages.