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January 4, 2014

Author to speak on parenting, kids’ finances

Special to the Tribune-Star

ROCKVILLE — Author and certified financial planner professional Christy Ziglar will speak at the Parke County Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner at 6 p.m. Jan. 23. She will discuss the challenges of modern-day parenting, with topics including consumer lifestyles, 24/7 access to technology, busy calendars and the shortage of positive role models for kids. Ziglar will also highlight several trends in American culture that make it more important than ever to start instilling strong value systems and building character at an early age.

Ziglar, niece of legendary motivator Zig Ziglar, mother of twins and founder of Shine Bright Kid Company, is committed to raising financially brighter kids and helping all children shine. She will also visit all elementary schools in the county, addressing the children’s need to make better choices and think beyond the instant gratification of the moment. Without this, she has realized, no amount of talking about budgeting or saving will make a lasting difference.

“Can’t Wait Willow!” and “Must-Have Marvin!” are the first two books written by Ziglar in a new series from Ideals Books. They are designed to provide a fun and relevant framework to teach children important life lessons including delayed gratification, prioritizing, self-discipline, planning ahead and focusing on others. Each school has received two copies of these books from Rockville Public Library and Ceres Solutions.

Ziglar’s website is at

To attend the Park County Chamber of Commerce dinner contact the Chamber office at 765-569-5565.