News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 14, 2011

NSWC Crane employees travel to Virginia

Special to the Tribune-Star

---- — New employees, summer interns, and co-ops from Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division traveled to Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia to tour their base facilities on July 25. The annual summer trip allows new employees the opportunity to see firsthand how their work reflects on the Navy.

While there the group visited many of the battleships on-site and even went on a ride around the harbor. Megan King, NSWC Crane Employee, escorted the new employees on the trip and said, “This trip gave employees a hands-on look at Navy ships and also a better understanding of how Crane is connected to the Fleet. I believe it was a very eye opening trip and employees saw firsthand what our sailors are doing to protect our country.”

“The trip to Norfolk, Va., was very informative to me, and really gave me a chance to see, firsthand, what the Navy does for our country,” said Gregory Woody, one of the group attendees. “I was able to talk to some of the crew members on the ships about their personal experiences while out at sea. This was especially interesting to me. I now have the utmost respect for our Navy now because of this trip. I would like to thank everyone that helped put the trip together for us, and thanks especially to our chaperones that got us to the places that we needed to be.”