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September 11, 2012

Update: Commissioners issue 'stop work' order for Cobblestone Crossings

Staff Report
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Vigo County commissioners have directed that current development at Cobblestone Crossings be halted as of 6 a.m. Thursday. The “stop work” order, issued by commissioners this morning, instructs Vigo County Area Planning Department to take the action.

A written statement issued by commissioners indicates the action is being taken due to a recent revelation concerning a member of the Area Plan Commission.

“The Board of Commissioners of Vigo County recently learned that one of the members of the Vigo County Area Plan Commission, who participated in the approval of the development at Cobblestone Crossing, has a direct or indirect financial interest in Cobblestone Crossing,” the statement read. “State statute and the Vigo County Unified Zoning Ordinance prohibit an area plan commission member from participating in a decision in which the commission member has a direct or indirect financial interest.”

The statement also addressed the process moving forward.

“This stop work order will remain in place until the petitioners for the current phase at Cobblestone Crossing are able to resubmit the required information for consideration by the Area Plan Commission and the Board of Commissioners of Vigo County,” the text stated. “This new process will take place without the input, or vote, of any person who has a direct or indirect financial interest in Cobblestone Crossing.”

The final sentence of the statement seemed to leave the door open, however, for a settlement between Cobblestone officials and nearby neighbors concerned with the building of apartments near their property, and the process by which that has been allowed.

“In the alternative,” the sentence stated, “the stop work order shall be removed if all parties involved are able to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.”

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