News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 1, 2012

‘The Baddest Little Show on Earth’ comes to Terre Haute Aug. 8

David Hughes
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Danny Campbell doesn’t mind being booed when he performs in public.

In fact, he thoroughly enjoys it. The louder, the better.

Using the ring name of “Lil Nasty Boy,” the 4-foot-8, 160-pound Campbell usually plays the villain role during his matches in the Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation (EMWF), so he’s accustomed to good-natured negative crowd reactions.

Club TK’s in Terre Haute will be one of the EMWF’s stops next Wednesday, Aug. 8. When action begins at 8 p.m., there will be three singles matches followed by a battle-royale match involving all six participants.

Ticket prices for “The Baddest Little Show on Earth” range from $10 to $20. Only adults 21-and-over are allowed to attend.

Campbell said he doesn’t know whom he’ll be facing in his singles match yet, but he plans to have fun nonetheless.

“I look forward to every show,” Campbell told the Tribune-Star in a phone interview. “The crowd is my gasoline in life. Without the people, I don’t function. With the people, it brings something out in me. When they come out to see a show, I give them a show. Whether it be two people or 200 people, I still put on the same show.”

Campbell described his act as clean — with no profanity used.

“I just know how to get on people’s nerves,” he mentioned with a chuckle. “They all want to boo me. But at the end of the night, they all want to have their picture taken with me.”

Campbell is Canadian, born in Calgary, Alberta, and now living in Del City, Okla. Campbell is divorced but in a relationship and has a 17-year-old son. He said he competed in wrestling and gymnastics when he was in high school in Calgary.

Having accumulated 30 years of experience in pro wrestling (including training at the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp aka “The Dungeon” in Calgary), the 47-year-old Campbell admits he is the “grandpa” of the EMWF touring group and he helps train some of its younger wrestlers.

“None of them can outdo me,” added Campbell, who said he has performed in eight countries and all 50 states over the course of his career.

Some of the largest venues Campbell has wrestled in include the Tokyo Dome and the Arena Coliseo in Mexico City. He’s also appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Monday Night Raw” twice in the 2000s and in a Taco Bell television commercial.

Despite his brushes with fame, Campbell said the genuine physicality of pro wrestling can make “waking up in the morning” the toughest part of his profession.

“I get body-slammed,” he pointed out. “I get hit with pool sticks. I get hit with trash cans. I’ve been in steel-cage matches.

“But you just suck it up and roll with it. Physical pain is just a state of mind.”

So how many more years does Campbell want to put up with the craziness of pro wrestling?

“Until I push up daisies,” he insisted. “When you bow down and say you’re done, life goes downhill. I’ve just got to keep my physical body up with my brain.”

Campbell said the EMWF generally puts on three to five shows a week, but there will be seven next week, all in Indiana.

For more information on tickets for next Wednesday, call (812) 234-4422. For more information on the EMWF, visit the website.

If you decide to check out the show, don’t be afraid to boo the Lil Nasty Boy. Just don’t call him a “little person” or you may not like his response. He prefers to be known as a midget.

“I was born a midget, I’m a midget now and I will die a midget,” he emphasized.