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December 13, 2012

WBGL kicks off wristband fundraiser for late weatherman

News Release

TERRE HAUTE — WBGL is inviting the community to remember Robert Reese by supporting his family. The WCIA meteorologist and WBGL weatherman lost his battle with cancer in October, leaving behind a wife and three young children at home. WBGL kicked off the “ECHO 7:20” campaign on Nov. 30, selling customized wristbands with all proceeds going to directly to Robert’s wife, Pam Reese.

The wristbands are black with the WBGL logo on one side and the words “ECHO 7:20” on the other side. The words “Remembering Robert Reese” are embossed on the inside of the band. The idea behind “ECHO 7:20” is two-fold: the word “ECHO” is meant to be a reminder and a challenge to carry forward the love, laughter and joy Reese brought to the WBGL listening audience every day. The 7:20 is a reference to the time in the morning when he often shared a break with the WBGL Morning Show, and to recall the fun and genuinely loving spirit Robert shared with Tim & Pam each morning at that time.

The wristbands are $6 and are available in either youth or adults sizes. The wristbands are available for purchase through the WBGL website (

Family Friendly WBGL is a nonprofit radio station and can be heard at 88.5 FM in Terre Haute.