News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 7, 2012

Bolte Taylor exhibit will feature 5-foot-tall brains

Associated Press

BLOOMINGTON — An Indiana brain scientist whose memoir about her recovery from a stroke became a best-seller has dreamed up an exhibit featuring giant brains that will be mounted around Bloomington this spring.

Bloomington-based brain scientist, author and motivational speaker Jill Bolte Taylor (a Terre Haute native) says the goal of the Brain Extravaganza project is to remind people of the importance and complexity of the body’s control center.

In May, 22 5-foot-tall fiberglass brains will be mounted around Bloomington after each is decorated by a different artist. The brains will remain in place until the fall.

Bolte Taylor tells The Herald-Times there will be a patch of brains in town and another patch on the IU campus, with teaser brains at high-traffic areas. Each brain display will cost $3,200 to produce.