News From Terre Haute, Indiana

July 19, 2012

Indiana basketball source of inspiration for featured work

Pria Rahmouni
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Artist Kathleen Kirkpatrick, a member of the Art Guild, began her career nearly 40 years ago.

Throughout this time, she has shared her art with the public by way of shows, sales of paintings and limited edition prints to collectors, as well as teaching.

She is now the featured Artist of the Month at the Vigo County Public Library for July.

Having resided in various parts of the country, Kirkpatrick’s art often reflects what she sees and absorbs from her surroundings.

The people, the culture, and events, are some of her key sources of inspiration.

Kirkpatrick remarks that Indiana’s reputation for its basketball informs the theme of her painting that is currently on display at the library.

Titled “Hoosiers,” this piece was produced in the course of two months, with its subjects being her own grandchildren who are natives of the Wabash Valley.

Kirkpatrick captured this image of her grandchildren through live sittings as well as snapshots.

Kirkpatrick’s love of vibrant color is translated into her works, as is seen in her painting “Elly.”

She finds this piece particularly interesting because the extremely fair complexion of her subject required her to work from “light to dark” in order to accurately capture the physical features.

Another notable piece by Kirkpatrick is “The Guitarist,” which depicts her husband in a live performance and was completed in two hours with a very limited palette.

As is evident from the featured samples of Kirkpatrick’s works, she often gravitates toward portraiture, which she mostly paints using live sittings.

Her preferred medium is oil paint.

Throughout her career, Kirkpatrick has been featured in shows and galleries in various parts of the country.

The Kettering Towers in Ohio, The William Penn Museum and Gallery 110 in Pennsylvania, and the Torpedo Factory in Virginia are a few examples.

Collectors of her art span from the east coast to Alaska.

A collection of Kirkpatrick’s works will be on display at the new Crawfordsville Library in Crawfordsville throughout August. She may be contacted via email at for questions regarding her art including individual art instruction.