News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 13, 2008

Amey Takes Aim: Miles has grown up and when Sycamores do too, look out

By Andy Amey

TERRE HAUTE — The funny, and very fortunate, thing about this job I have is that every now and then, when I’m grumpy and not looking forward to an assignment, one of those dreaded assignments jumps up and slaps me in the face and tells me, “You know, what you’re doing is supposed to be fun. And it is.”

Case in point: Indiana State football scrimmage.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, one of the main reasons I was dreading the ISU football scrimmage was that it started so early on Saturday morning, after the usual late-night shift on Friday.

And I also have to admit there was a time when I was still thinking of Trent Miles as the kid who, even though he was the fastest one on our summer-league baseball team, kept getting thrown out stealing because he would not get a decent leadoff no matter how many times he was urged to do so by his first-base coach (usually me, but sometimes even his own father couldn’t get him off the bag).

Well, Trent has grown up. And when the Sycamores do … let’s say no one will dread seeing them.

There are some athletes at Memorial Stadium, folks. Right now they’re young and skinny athletes, but those kids are still the best recruiting class in the Gateway … oops, Missouri Valley Football Conference. Let them get a little older and a little thicker, and we’ll have some fun.

Trent’s not willing to wait that long, of course. I don’t know if he’s right, but he hasn’t done much yet that hasn’t surprised me. (He can probably even steal second now.)

I haven’t been in a position to give you this advice about ISU football in almost 20 years, but here it is: go see ‘em.

• • •

Couple of odds and ends:

• We’re represented — Softball umpire Traci (Russell) Stoelting isn’t the only Hautean making an impact on the Olympics in Beijing.

Terre Haute North graduate Amy Borgnini isn’t an Olympian, but she is in China as a training partner for U.S. women’s wrestler Marcie VanDeusen. And if you Google Amy’s name, and if you have a better web browser than I do, you can watch her compete on Youtube.

• Why not? — I’m trying to figure out why the U.S. isn’t a medal contender in team handball. I know absolutely nothing about the sport, but from what little I’ve seen, it appears to be fun, and something our athletes could easily adapt themselves to.

(Of course, I’m not aware of a professional team handball league, so I guess there’s no way to make money at it.)

• Baseball irony — I’m certainly not rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers at this point, but I have to smile at one thing they’re doing right now.

There’s speculation that they won’t try to sign pitcher CC Sabathia after this season is over, which is my theory about why Sabathia is suddenly hurling a complete game every time out. Pitch counts? Let next year’s team worry about those.

Of course the Milwaukee bullpen could be another factor.

• Tempest brewing? I got an e-mail from John Hayes about the situation that Hammond Post 168 faced at the American Legion baseball state finals.

Apparently one member of Hammond’s team is a Munster football player and the IHSAA indicated he wouldn’t be eligible to play football if he continued in the baseball tournament after the start of practice. Hammond apparently pulled its entire team from the American Legion tournament in response.

Obviously this is a new — and not terribly well thought-out — policy, since Koby Kraemer played for John’s World Series team two summers ago while missing a few football practices at South.

• Don’t forget — And finally, Kris Bilyeu’s Tabco Terre Haute Doubles Championships are coming up in a couple of days. If you tennis folks still want to enter, call his cell phone, (812) 299-4491, or Tabco, (812) 232-4660, right away.

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